Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Ok, who are these people?

3.53 million people voted for Gray Davis in the 2002 California General Election. 3.56 million people voted against the recall. So, more people voted against the recall than originally voted for Gray in the previous election. What's that about? And what's this with all these other people that voted this time that didn't vote last time? If these people took part in their party's candidate process, neither Gray Davis nor Bill Simon woulda been the chosen as candidate for the 2002 election.

Ok, so the one good thang about Schwarzenegger as a Republican governor is that he's pretty liberal. Hopefully, this can allow moderates to eventually reclaim control of the Republican Party and we don't have to have stupid discussions and decisions about prayer in school, 10 commandment monuments and other stuff where conservatives try to force their religious beliefs on everyone else. I can't stand the far left or the far right telling other people how to live their lives. There's extreme environmentalism that obstructs social progress while offering no reasonable alternatives. Psst, humans are here and we are impacting the environment; you can't stop that. And of course, there's the devote religious followers that act as though gay couples should never have same marriage rights that they take for granted. Psst, it's none of your business what business goes on in someone else's family! Sheeze. Instead of blindly promoting party line, try being a force to bring your party line into the 21st century.

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