Thursday, February 17, 2005


I've come to the conclusion that there is a whole other classification of
Sexual Orientation. I don't know what else to call it sep Half-bi. It is
where straight chick also likes to mess around with other girls, but only
above the waist, like to make-out only.
I've known girls like this in the past, but it seems to be more girls like
this now, because for some reason some straight girls have a crush or
attration for Lindsay Lohan. There is just something about Lindsay that
makes straight girls want her "but only above the waist." Of course, I
don't think any of the Half-bi chicks would mind Lindsay doing something
below their waist. They just can't see themselves pleasuring another women
in that special way.
Ah Lindsay... ::que dream sequence music:: I can just imagine her eyes
looking at me dirty, her wrists lighted bound by a small soft felt rope,
her hands tugging and playing with my family jewels, her mouth driving me
crazy torturing my male part with pleasure, that look telling me to stop
holding back, to take her now. ::que dream sequence music:: ...Lohan.
What??? Oh yeah, I wonder if Lindsay is at least Half-bi.

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Anonymous said...

bi-curious what would that be classified as? a tongue is a tongue when the eyes are closed that's all.yeah you know me

FCSuper said...

I don't know if Bi-Curious covers it. I mean, with Bi-Curious, you still would expect some lovin downstairs, ya'no.

Mickey Glitter said...

Dude, I'm troubled by the Lindsay Lohan thing...gimme Natasha Richardson any day over the young Miss Lohan. Okay, it's a little random, but they WERE in a movie together! =)

FCSuper said...

I guess I like them young and easily annoyed. hehe