Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Moving chills

Last time I moved rented a Rider truck and headed down to the Home Depot. As always, there was a load of day laborers seeking work. I made eye contact with one of them as I was pulling into the parking lot. I didn’t get much further when the whole lot of them just started running all around the truck. The guy I had made eye contact with was first. He straight up opened the passenger side door of my truck, slammed it behind him and scooted to the middle. The rest of the crowd then caught up. This one kid made it to the passenger side door first, but as he opened it, this older guy snaked right by him into the truck, slamming the door shut. It was crazy. I was like, well, I got my two guys. lol I checked them out and negotiated the day’s rate. I let them know it was going to be moving furniture, just to make sure they where both up to (especially the older guy). My truck was still surrounded by the others, but I was able to pull forward.
At my old place, we got the first load onto the truck and headed to the dump (to get rid of my infamous Cal King bed ::sniff:: and utter stuff too). After unloading, we headed back to load up the items for the move. It turned out that the older guy was a much harder worker than the first guy.
The lesson learned? Lock the passenger door of your vehicle before approaching a Home Depot looking for day laborer help. :)

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