Sunday, November 12, 2006

Al-Qaida Cheer for Democratic Take-over!

Crosswalk recently posted an article that droned on about how the middle east is celebrated the Democratic take over of the US legislature. Although the article is essential factual, the point of the article was not lost by others who have reposted it, such as this Jesus is Lord blog. Of course, I think my reply (currently posted on that blog entry) fits well. And I quote (myself),

It’s completely meaningless to us. The Al-Qaeda have claimed credit for the collapse of the Soviet Union and made a video cheering their “success” about that many years ago. Do you mean to say that the USSR should’ve held on to control simply because Al-Qaeda would take credit for its collasping? Who cares what they think. It's about as important as worrying about what Hilter would’ve thought about today’s world.
nuf said! lol


Steve said...

Excellent point, but mistaken none the less.
You are making a mistake that is very common over here...that mistake is: thinking like a Westerner instead of an Arab/Muslim/Terrorist.

The terrorist get double satisfaction; they know that Democrats will do ANYTHING to undermine the president, including pulling our troops out of Iraq before the country is ready, and they know that they can play the news media like a harp, knowing that every attack they make will be shilled by the MSM like there is no tomorrow.
Who knew that a bunch of slimy terrorist living in caves could influence American politics so much.
Honestly, we should all have a slighly sleepish look on our faces, the look one has when he/she has been the brunt of a cruel hoax, and fallen for it hook, line and sinker.

FCSuper said...

Nice attempt at condescension. Exaggeration, and misdirection. Your response could’ve been ripped word for word from an over hyped Fox News pundit. I normally leave up all comments to my postings because I believe in open dialogue, but in this case, I’m doing it because of its self-evident ridiculousness makes my point 10-fold. You really don’t care about what matters, only about what is perceived by your supposed audience to make them feel good about their misconceptions. If you really think this kind of argument has a valid place in this discussion, then all the funnier and more clownish you appear.

Major problem is that you lumped arabs and muslims in with terrorist. They have little to do with each other. But you use weasal phrases to make it appear your point applies across the board. This is racist. It is also Western centeralist view point (the very thing you tried to claim about my comment...funny that).

Bottom line, it doesn't matter what terrorist and their supporters believe. They've already made up their minds and are skewing reality to fit their notions, just as your original posting and your comment here does. Does that make you a terrorist? lol

Steve said...

Guess we'll agree to disagree on this one.
Nice Blog, by the way.

FCSuper said...

Ditto. ;)