Saturday, November 11, 2006

List of Five Famous People

Ah, Britney. You've been restored to my List of Five Celebrities. What's the List of Five? There's a Friends episode where Ross learns about the rule where either person in a relationship can set up a list of five famous people. If they ever did anything with anyone on that list, it wouldn't be considered cheating.

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My list current looks something like this:
Jessica Alba
Scarlett Johansson
Britney Spears (recently recovered her position on this list)
Angelina Jolie
Grace Park (newish addition)

One of the previous members of this list that have since been remove is Lindsey Lohan (who peeked around the time she did Mean Girls, but has since partied waaay too much).

UPDATE: Of course, I have an alternate secret list, but shhhh, don't tell anyone. :)
Sophie Marceau
Monica Bellucci
Keira Knightley
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Gwen Steffani

SECOND UPDATE (updated and corrected!):
Man, I can't believe I forget about:
Alyssa Milano
Rachel Weize
Jennifer Love Hewett
Alshey Judge
Mandy Moore
(I guess this 5 is my double secret probational list! lol)


bobo said...

I agree, if my spouse had the opportunity with some big actress, Hell YEAH rock on baby...tell me all about it later.. Everyone should get a freebee luck that actress would become a fatal attraction thing. pet in the boiling water...:)

FCSuper said...

lol I've told Allie a couple of times that if she had a chance at a fling with Christian Bale, she had better take it! The funny thing about her list is that there are a couple of girls on it, even though she's not Bi or lesbian. :)