Saturday, August 23, 2003

Encinal We won!

The Spitfire won at the Encinal last night, and with Brant as skipper. It's the first out right victory of that boat since its restoration! Sports are more fun when you win. hehe. We had a great start, prolly do to all the practice last weekend. Once we got into the lead, we stayed in the lead the whole race. Our sister boat Double Trouble, skippered by Kevin, came in second, keeping are best competitor down at third. This is the first race Double Trouble didn't finish DFL, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Spitfire is now first place in the series, with one 3rd place, one 2nd place and now one 1st place finish! Let's just see if we can keep up the pace!

Wednesday, August 20, 2003


For every reasonable belief system to be accepted without censorship, as a people, the government can not endorse any belief system or their icons. What of our Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and atheist citizens, etc? Do we also put up Muslim Koran scriptures on stones at Mt. Rushmore? Do we build Hindu statues in front of our town halls? Do we have a 30' budda sitting and laughing on the White House lawn? Do we put "God is Dead" on our coins? Do we build a Wiccan alter at Arlington? Hell No! For all of us to be religiously free, we must keep our government from choosing a religion or using relevant religious icons. (I believe using religious icons of dead religions, from Greek and Roman mythology, in the tradition of western culture is acceptable since they don't invoke any practiced religion)
And about prayer in school: Again, what of our atheist citizens? A moment of silence does impose a religious practice on to their children.

A fish named Goldy...mystery thriller and some sheit

At work today, there’s a bit of a mystery. A coworker of mine (I’ll call her Squeeks) had this nice mylar balloon of a large gold fish delivered for her birthday yesterday. It was actually kind of an eye sore from far away, but it really is a very nice balloon. She named it Goldy. Anyways, she gets in to work this morning to find a ransom note and pictures of her balloon with pitiful “help me” type printed messages, being threatened by sulfuric acid and a screwdriver in the eye. The kidnapper is demanding one stick of mango flavored Trident gum, a “shinny” (mispelt) 1977 penny and before & after pictures of Michael Jackson. It was signed “Sick Individual”. Squeeks and other coworkers are looking over the pictures for any clues as to who is involved. Her boss keeps seeing people in the reflections on the mylar surface of the balloon in the picture. No clear details, of course.
So, as if that isn’t ridiculously fun enough, I wanted a piece of this action myself! I set out to frame a cube neighbor of mine (I’ll call him Fred) for the heinous deed. I quickly printed out one threatening follow-up ransom note, which quickly got picked up as part of a large report that someone else was printing, and copied 60 times as part of that report. I couldn’t have planned that better if I tried! Needless to say, Squeeks got the message. She waited in the printer room for someone she suspected to come to the to pick up the now multiplied message. Fred haplessly comes walking into the printer room to pick up his mail. Of course, Squeeks immediately suspects him of the kidnapping! Again, I couldn’t have planned that any better if I tried. Phase two of my plan spoke for itself. I printed another threatening note and left it in Fred’s cube and just waited for Squeeks to make the incriminating discovery. As she’s still reeling from the first “discovery” when she finds the second note in Fred’s office. The timing was perfect. Of course, Fred is nowhere around, being in the labs most of the day. Their boss goes to find him to see if he is the culprit. Everyone is cracking up the whole time about this ridiculous situation.
So right before this lunch hour, Squeeks is in Fred’s office making further accusations about other “evidence” against him. Fred’s pitiful and weary “help me, help me!” cries were drifting from his office like a ghost’s moaning.
For lunch, their boss is eating fish…hmmm…very suspicious!

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

A Fish named Goldy Part II

Around 3:00pm or so, after meeting two/thirds of the ransom requirements, Squeeks got her golf fish balloon back. It turns out that it was her boss that staged the kidnapping! Too funny. Fred and other coworker were in on it as well. The fish is now safely back in Squeek's cube, no worse for the wear.

Monday, August 18, 2003


Friday night was supposed to be a big nite, but ended up not going out. I do wanna check out a couple of new places in San Jose downtown soon, so maybe plan sometime this week. I did a little shopping this weekend too with some girlfriends as my guide (and to make the experience a bit more palatable). Despite my protests, they dragged me into the Gap. They wanted to get me shirts and stuff, but I insisted that I'd only get jeans there. Ended up a Banana Republic and got a couple of nice thangs there. I know, some say it's worse than the Gap (and it's the same company), but it is more stylish. I walked in the Guess too...what the hell are they thinking with all that ugly patchwork clothing? Yuk...doesn't looks interesting, stylish or wearable.
Yesterday, I was aboard the Spitfire practicing in the tactical position for getting our timing down on our race starts. It was a lot of fun!

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Impossible to find customer service numbers for and others!

Here's some impossible to find customer service numbers for online retailers (as listed in U.S.News Aug 18-25, 2003) 800-201-7575 800-425-5627 800-585-8131 800-571-7669 800-591-3869

Here's a page about issues with customer services and suggestions to resolve them.

Use in good health!

List of Candidates for Governor of California's Recall

Here's the link. You'll need PDFReader installed to view the page.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Sailboat Racing

The Spitfire team physically won our first sail boat race on Friday! Woohoo! We didn't get first place in the final standings because handicaps. We did get second place though. It was a lot of fun. The whole team is still stoked. There was a couple of mistakes that prolly cost us the outright official victory, like our very bad start, and almost going around a marker we weren't supposed to be rounding. With even better tacking, and without those mistakes, it is likely we can have more than one first place in the remainder of the racing series! The whole team is pumped for the next race in a couple of weeks.

Monday, August 11, 2003

Trouble with "canidates"

Candidates is spelt with a "d". Just FYI for those of you who are searching on yahoo and google for info about the governor's recall in CA. In some posts below, I've got some brief statements about the recall and some of the people involved with it. I intend on adding a link to the official list of candidates when it is made available, so feel free to visit back soon.

Movies this weekend...

I watched Dirty Pretty Things this weekend, oh, and American Wedding. Dirty Pretty Things is not as much of a thriller that it has been billed as, unless you have a weak stomach. It does have body parts turning up, but under real life type situations. Nothing fanciful, like American thrillers usually do. The movie is very entertaining. It exposes a rather dark underside to life as an illegal immigrant in London. I'm not sure how much of it is poetic license, since I've never been exposed to that topic before. The movie tells its story through character development, and not some flat plot. There are some powerful scenes, and some week scenes too, but over all, it is a great, enjoyable movie.
American Wedding was very funny sep for the very end when the wedding got started...then it got sappy. Watch it for the sight gags, situations and other laughs, but be prepared for a sweet ending when the laughs stop and everyone lives happ...ok, I'll not give away the final joke after the sappy wedding is done, but it is predictable enough for you not to care.

Saturday, August 09, 2003

Governor Recall Race

This recall is an insult to California Voters, with the very wealthy slapping us in the face, trying to buy our government from under us. Anyone with a lot of money can come in and pretend to be a politician for a year. It's starting to get pathetic. Isis is like the third guy to come in out of the blue and try to pull something in the pass few years. Now there’s the Terminator pretending too. Note to the very rich newbies: Either be a real politician or just Fuck Off!
This recall has already made California look stupid, and it’s going to be more ridiculous if it passes. I predict that the results of this recall of the governor here in California is going to make Florida (with its hanging chads and false removal of eligible voters) look like a smooth and competent operation. There’s going to be lawsuit after lawsuit disputing the results for a year! Especially if the recall is approved and some marginal and/or nonpartisan player gets the highest number of votes (go Gary Coleman! LOL). That said, the Lt. Governor is supposed to take over if the office of Governor is vacated for any reason according to the CA constitution. Oh well.
Since the law now allows both a no vote on the recall, and a vote for replacement if the recall passes, I am using my back up for Bustamante. I’ve respected him for some time. He is a good man and a respected politician. Of course, it would be great to have Bustamante reporting to Gov. Gary Colemen. :) hmmm…

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Blog update

I haven't written a blog status update in aeons, mostly cuz well...why? LOL Well, this is pretty cool. I added the picosearch thang to the right side bar menu, and I reconfigured my archives to be weekly instead of monthly, making just a tiny bit easier to find the interesting blog entry once you are on the page where the search as brought you. Anyways, that's that. :)

California Governor Candidates! Search words: 'california governor canidates'

I'm considering casting my vote for Gary Coleman or Larry Flint. They aren't taking this whole mess seriously, thank god! Actually, there may not be any candidates on the ballot when it's time for a vote. The California constitution is clear that the Lt. Governor is to be made Governor is the current Governor is removed for any reason. This means another portion of the Recall law is unconstitutional. Here's the article:


SEC. 10. The Lieutenant Governor shall become Governor when a vacancy occurs in the office of Governor.
The Lieutenant Governor shall act as Governor during the impeachment, absence from the State, or other temporary disability of the Governor or of a Governor-elect who fails to take office.
The Legislature shall provide an order of precedence after the Lieutenant Governor for succession to the office of Governor and for the temporary exercise of the Governor's functions.
The Supreme Court has exclusive jurisdiction to determine all questions arising under this section.
Standing to raise questions of vacancy or temporary disability is vested exclusively in a body provided by statute.

So that's that, right? LOL No...I'm sure this whole recall thang is going to make Florida's hanging chads look like Saints. BTW, I don't understand the last sentence of the article either.

Have fun, y'all.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Trouble with Gay Priests? Jesus people!

Back when I was a devout Christian, seeing other churches with gay priests would have been confirmation of my own religion's legitimacy over those other churches. After all, how could a church claiming to be worshippers of God accept homosexuals into their ranks. Nowadays, I'm a bit more reasonable. I shed the nonsense of dearly holding onto modern perceptions of ancient, prejudice and convoluted texts like the bible.
The whole renewed push by "conservative" religious people against homosexuals is frustrating. It is sad to see fellow Americans openly treating other Americans as inferiors, using their interpretation of ancients texts to justify their prejudice, in the same way they were used to justify prejudice against blacks and other nonwhite races in the past.
I believe that a religion has the right to choose its leadership for itself. That's part of freedom of religion. Maybe it would seem like a contraction against the bible to have a gay priest or bishop in many faiths. To reconcile, maybe it's time for religious people to accept the message of their bible while leaving behind its prejudice, as we evolve into a more mature and reasonable society.
Final note, this is America, land of the free. How can anyone be free when we choose to oppress one segment of our population? Let's live and let live.
P.S., BTW, The bible never once forbids homosexuality between women. It doesn't even hint at it. It only specifically condemns sexual relations between men. So, it could be argued that only sex between men is forbidden in the bible, and not homosexuality itself. This would mean that it is ok to have a gay priest.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Damn, been hella busy

I've been hella busy. Been going from one thang to another for days now, almost not stop sep for what sleep I'm getting. It's not stopping now either. going to need a break...anyways, I got a couple of rants brewing, so there'll be more posts coming soon!

Monday, August 04, 2003

An Ant Cures Antrax in Cabo Tourist Shop!!!

Copyright 2002 by Linda Western

Cure for Antrax found in Cabo tourist shop, and it's an ant! This picture was taken by an associate of mine in Cabo last year. (Photo copyright 2002)

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Political Opinion...hey, I'm allowed! LOL

I'm neither conservative or liberal. I find the battle between the two amusing. The terms themselves are often misused to apply some stereotypes. Heck, the terms freely are applied backwards when it comes to fiscal policies. Republicans in government want a free market system where money flows freely and let the markets correct themselves (liberal) and Democratics try to regulate the follow of money for perceived stability (conservative). Not to mention the fact that the most hardcore liberals and conversatives are the biggest hypocrates. The "don't tell me what to do, but here's what you should do" nonsense comes from both ends of US politics. How 'bout no one tell me what to do, and I won't tell you what to do! :)

I believe my rights are protected by protecting the rights of others. The more rights we all share, the more free we are as a people. If you have opinions (whether from the bible dogma or liberal social dogma) about human behavior, then live it, but stop trying to force other people to live it with you.

Commuter Theme today:

Get In Front of Matt and Drive Slow Day.

Some days have themes during the commute to work and from work. Today's theme is cars getting in front of me to drive slow. It seems like there was some organized effort. A lane would open up completing, so I'd change lanes only to have someone else get into the lane right in front of me and drive slower than the crowded lane. Once, twice, three, and then four times this morning. The traffic wasn't even heavy. Idiots. I only got held behind one red light because of this, so it isn't as bad as it has been on other days.

I like it when the commuter theme is more along the lines of Get Out of Matt's Way Day, obviously. :)

Monday, July 28, 2003

Sailboat racing

The first race sailboat of the season this past Friday afternoon, aboard the Spitfire in Oakland, was a lot of fun. We did well, coming in second in our class. The race lasted a little over an hour. I had just gotten over a cold, and was a little wore out, but managed to do well in my position on the boat. We saw a lot of good work on the part of all the sailboats, and one crash between two boats near the mark. It was all fairly exciting.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Trouble with California

First, this whole recall business is making California look stupid. It is proving that our system is for sale to the highest bidder. Anyone with a lot of money can come in an pretend to be a politician for a year. It's starting to get pathetic. Isis is like the third guy to come in out of the blue and try to pull something in the pass few years. Note to the very rich newbies: Either be a real political or just Fuck Off! I'm against a recall until after the budget has been hashed out for this year. Then if you aren't happy, let's get rid of Gray. Problem is, anyone who becomes governor now is going to be faced with the same issues and is politically doomed.

Second, term limits in the state legislature is leaving our leadership in shambles. Any experienced members are lame ducks, and the rest are rookies. There's no accountability because no one is around long enough to care! Originally, term limits was supposed to help minorities and women get into government, but now it is having the opposite effect. We need to get rid of term limits.

Third, is the ridiculous requirement for a 2/3rds supermajority vote on the budget each year. This is a democracy, where the majority rules, but the rights of the minority are protected. How is a supermajority vote requirement for something as mundane as the yearly budget supposed to do either? It is unheard of to use supermajorities except in cases of political crisis (impeachment) or changing winds (changes to the constitution). To use them for anything else is damn near anti-democratic! We need to get rid of the supermajority vote requirement for the state budget. Even this "55%" replacement requirement being floated around is not acceptable. It is still a supermajority requirement.

If you have any rants to add to this, please leave a comment. Gray (or it is Grey) Davis, you are welcome to leave a comment about your recall if you like too. LOL

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Anthrax Detection at your local Post Office may come soon

Check this out! Of course, the reason I care is cuz the company I work has technology at the heart of the detection system. :)

There's a lot of stars out there

A lot!!

Trouble with Silicon Valley: If there were any single girls in our neighborhood...

I live in a corner house. My roommate owns the house and has converted the garage into a jam session room (with sound damped walls) for his rock band. On any given night that his band is practicing in that room, there's two 2003 Acura TL-Ss, a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am and 2002 Pontiac Firebird parked out front. Let's see, 3 single guys, corner house, a ton of nice cars out front, jam session room in the garage...hmmm...if there were any single eligible women in the neighborhood, they'd be smart to do some snooping around. LOL I've been in similar households before in other areas and remember what this scenario is supposed to be like. Let's just say that, Silicon Valley is devoid of eligible single women. What's a single guy to do? ok, ok, I confess, some of us do have women in various stages of ::cough:: attachment, but this scenario should be attracting more! :)

Sunday, July 20, 2003

U.S. fights Fake Wars from Time to Time.

The U.S. wages two kinds of wars; Real wars and fake wars. How can you tell the difference? Here's how: If the name of the war begins with "War on...", it's fake. As in, War on Poverty (late 1960's), War on Drugs (1980's, 1990's), and War on Terrorism (turn of the 21st Century). Real wars have names like Civil War, World War II, Persian Gulf War, and Cold War. So, if you are ever in doubt about whether or not the U.S. is really fighting some declared war, just judge it by its name.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Trouble with listing sex deeds

A friend and I thought it would be fun to list off sex related conquests/accomplishments awhile back on a blog. Problem was that even the most general list of items quickly becomes ridiculously long. The list of just the basics of places, types of sex and types of people quickly got over 50 on my list when I finally just stopped and figured the project was pointless. Hell, one event accounted for 5 separate items, and I was just getting started. I mean, if someone like me has that much on my list, the average slut has got to be well into several hundreds. This was a couple months ago, and I've since added more accomplishments.
Really, I've come to the conclusion that the only place worth bragging about is sex in space, and I haven't heard any of the astronauts make that claim yet. Anyone got 40 million dollars to send me and an attractive willing female participant into space on a Russian rocket? LOL

Monday, July 14, 2003

Bodega Bay again

I drove up to Bodega Bay again for a weekend get away with a friend. I had planned on snorkeling, but the weather was a bit unpredictable on Sat, so we ended up at the pool instead. It was a nice relaxing weekend. On the drive back, we stopped up at Stintson Beach. I'm going to check the rates there for a future weekend getaway that isn't quite so far, even though it can get pretty crowded.

Weapons of Mass Destruction Found?

Enter the keywords "weapons of mass destruction" in Google or Yahoo and come across this site: WMD

Monday, July 07, 2003

Weekend LONG!

This was a good and long weekend. I took Thursday off to make it even longer. I had lunch with Miriam on Thursday, and then in the evening I headed over to my parents cuz I was taking my day to an A's game on Friday (it's like a two hour drive, so I didn't want to drive there, and then to Oakland all in one day). We tailgated at the ballpark. I'm glad we got there early cuz the ballpark handed out some really nice caps to the first 10,000 people. See my previous blog entry for more about this day.

Anyways, got back home on Saturday, and hung out with Miriam again. I brought for Monsters Ball and Seven Year Itch DVD's to watch. Since Monsters Ball is depressing, I brought the silly 50's comedy to lighten the mode afterwards into the night. Then on Sunday, I hung out with a friend most of the day.

In between of all of this activity, I managed to watch 14 other DVD's of mine, including all 8 Star Trek movies. (Contrary to Paramont's claims, there are not 10 Star Trek movies. "Star Trek 5" and "Star Trek: Generations" do not exist. LOL) I'm still pretty far behind on watching new DVD's of mine.

Saturday, July 05, 2003

"Skinny Dipping Pics" and A's baseball game

It seems that my brief story about skinny dipping has stumbled my Blog into the sorted world of voyuerism on search engines. All of a sudden, I'm getting a bunch of hits from searches for the words "skinny dipping pic" or "girls skinny dipping" etc. Kinda funny, but weird too. It tempts me to actually put skinny dipping pics on my blog. LOL Yeah, I'm not doing that, but hey, it's a nice thought.

My dad and I went to the A's game today. The sun was out in full force, and the scenery complemented the weather (if you know what I mean). ::clears throat:: Great day for baseball. It was pretty much a pitchers' duel, with only one Angles score somewhere in the middle of the game. So many players on both teams were thrown out a first! It was pretty exciting cuz of all the close calls and in-field hustles.

So, before we took of for the game, my dad dawns this weird natural colored cap with a stitching of a palm on it. I'm gave him some shit for it, cuz it was a weird hat to wear to a ballgame. So while tailgating before the game, he goes to the port-a-potty and some girl there gives him shit too, telling him "The potties are for fans only!" LOL He's a Giants fan, so it was particularly funny. So when we gets back to the car and tells me this little story, I give him some money and tell him to head for the team store and come back with an A's cap. He does, and all was well. :) Too bad the A's lost though.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Monday, June 30, 2003

In-field Babe Ruth

I wasn't bad at sports. I just never really tried. Once in awhile, thangs click when I want something badly enough. There was this one time [at Band Camp LOL] back in high school in PE, the class was playing softball. I wasn't that good at sports, sep I could run fast. Anyways, this one guy on the opposing team was hassling me. He was playing short between first and second. He heckled me, telling me to hit it right at him. He was putting on a good show, punching his fist into his glove. So, I got belligerent and pointed right at him and said, "Alright, you've asked for it! The ball's going right for you!". He then was all, "Alright!" and held his glove like a catcher, waiting for my hit. The pitch was made, and I swung, driving the ball right at his glove. I took off for first at full speed. As I was running, I watched the ball hit his glove and drop to the ground. He was so stunted he didn't move until I was almost to first base. Everyone on his team was screaming at him to pick it up! He finally did, but I was safe. Needless to say, I wasn't heckled by anyone for anything again in that class. I'm still not a good softball/baseball player, but ever since then, I am very rarely thrown out at first.

Sunday, June 29, 2003

Skinny Dipping

The last time I went skinny dipping was a few years ago, with a couple of cute girls. It was on a camping trip along the Delta. It didn't take alcohol or anything. I just took of my clothes and hopped in the river. Didn't take long for the girls to follow. Thangs, umm, got a little frisky and some fun stuff happened, but I'm not going into that on a public blog. I did pay for it though, with second degree sunburns across my back and forehead. But ya know what, I skinny dipped and stuff with a couple of cute chicks on a camping trip in the middle of nowhere on the Delta, so it's all good. LOL

Friday, June 27, 2003

It is very likely I will be adding a permenant link to my website for this:

Strong Bads Emails


Yesterday's game was a heart breaker. The weather was hot, with the wind blowing to in the field and the sun shining directly at the batter. We started off well, scoring 3 runs in the first inning. The opposing team got up to bat and covered our 3 points with some good infield hitting. They scored 4 more runs in the next couple of innings, holding us to just one run. In the sixth inning, we started coming back, but fell one run short.

I struck out my first time up by letting the count fill, then swinging at a high ball. I made up for it later with a shallow shot to right field which got me on base; then a great shoot to center right field. It would been enough to get me to second, but a slow runner was in front of me, who held up at second. Then there was another great shot to center field by Kenny (who was at the top of our line up). The slow runner had enough time to get to home to score the tieing run, but was held up at third, again preventing me from moving more than one base. With bases loaded, we were one run down. The next batter hit an infield grounder past second, allowing the fielder to throw out the runner in a forced out, ending the game.

Monday, June 23, 2003

Time Out

Friday night after work, a bunch of people from here at work ended up for a happy hour thang at Rio Del Mar on Shoreline just off of 101. After enjoying some mighty strong mageritas and dinner, we headed down to 251 Castro and then Molly McGees next door. Had a great time. Had to take it easy Sat to recover. :)

On Sunday, I went sailing with Brant, Tina and company. Both the Double Trouble and Spitfire where out, sailing over to San Francisco and back (from Oakland). The weather was great. No big waves in the bay. Lots of fun! I'm really glad I've gotten into sailing. I'm having a great time learning the ropes and going on great outings. I'd post some pics, sep there's enough of them online already at the Morphine Racing site (the Brant and Tina link above).

In other news, our company softball team hasn't placed a really game of softball for a couple of weeks. Two weeks ago, we where robbed of a good game when the entire ump staff walked off the job in the middle of the game. Last week, the other team didn't show up. That's ok, cuz I didn't show up either. LOL Hopefully this week we can get thangs roling.

Also, here's another dialy journey blog I found. You Are Not A Slave.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

First Sailboat Race / Trouble with Sleep

I was in my first sailboat race last Friday evening. It was a lot of fun. I'm learning the ropes, literally. :) We got into this one situation at the marker where this little sailboat of ours was surrounded on 3 sides by larger boats. That was exciting. Somehow we got thru that without being rammed by the larger boats. We were on a little 20' boat with no name.

During the week, my sleep has been reduced to an average of 8 hours to 5. This is partial because I'm not getting home til midnight every day, but also due to the fact that I wake with the rising of the sun. So if this was winter, I'd be waking up around 7, but right now I'm waking around 5:30am. Don't know how I'm doing so well durning the days. I used to hate losing sleep. I'm enjoying myself without being crazy or going overboard, so it's all good.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Piracy On the High Seas

I went sailing with a friend Brant here from work. He, and his friends, had three sail boats out Sunday afternoon. His boat is the Spitfire. I was on the boat Double Trouble, skippered by Kevin. I think there was ten people total. We where out sailing in the Alameda area near Jack London Square in Oakland. It was my first time, so I was learning the ropes, literally. There was a video camera out, so any embarrassing moments would be preserved for all time. There's a lot to learn about sailing, and hopefully I can pick up on it quick. The Spitfire was all fixed up and waxed, so (at least to a novice) she looked like she was sailing the best out there.

At one point, the different boats started bombarding each other with grapes and ice. Double Trouble came along side Spitfire and I boarded Spitfire, pelting its crew at point blank range with the grapes. I got stuck on board, but soon escaped back onto Double Trouble with some loot (beers from the cooler), pulling off a daring raid! LOL This prolly isn't something that is going to happen everytime we are out there. Oh, and where was the Coast Guard while this piracy at sea was going on? They where blasting 50 Cent over their intercom system. LOL Everyone was having a blast.

It looks like I'll be able to join up with the racing crew on the Spitfire. Update to come.

Trouble with Burger King

Ok, so I just officially had my worse Burger King experience ever. It's not a horrible experience, but one that annoys. I decide to hit up Burger King in Sunnyvale just off of 101. It's my lunch break today. After making up my mind, I drive up to the order speaker. I promptly order a large Number 1. That's the Whopper value meal, priced at $4.09. The girl taking my order asks if I want cheeze, and I tell her no cheeze. She asks what I want for a drink, and I tell her Coke. She comes up with a price like $5.60 or something like that. I shrug it off as I drive up, but when I get to the pay window, she repeats the high number. I'm thinking, "Over a dollar in tax for a 4 dollar item?" So I check the order. She had put cheeze on my order. That's like 50 cents or so. She corrects the price to 4.89. I pay it, not really thinking about it again. Cuz of the muck up, I don't get a receipt from her. So, I drive up to the food pick up window. The girl there give me my bag with the Whopper and Fries. I just to make sure it has no cheeze. It doesn't. Then she tries to hand me a low-fat milk as my drink. Huh? All I can do is look at her weird. "Um, large Coke," I tell her. So I get my Coke, and ask for some ketchup. She gives me two packets. I've never had a fast food window only give two packages. After I get back to work, I realize they also didn't put a napkin in the bag. It also hit me that I still prolly paid too much, somehow, since the sales tax on 4.09 should be 34 cents, not 80 cents. Oh well, looks like I can't turn my brain off the next time I go there...sheeze.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

It always seems like it's Thursday

It always seems like it's Thursday when I find myself here. :) Been hella busy. Playing softball tonight. We lost the last game. blah blah. rants recently, sorry. Just been to spent to build up the energy for it. Also, I will be added new poems to my poetry blog soon.

Going sailing this weekend! Should have some pics from that available next week! Tomorrow night is my friend's b/d party at the Tied House in San Jose. Going to be a blast, I'm sure. Hope I don't cause too much trouble. hehe

Sunday, June 01, 2003

La la la

Been keeping pretty busy for awhile now. Feels right. Even too busy leave real entries on the blog...but I will try soon.

Friday, May 23, 2003

We Lost, but hey, not by much

More the same's been going on. Keeping busy with stuff. Lost the game yesterday, but it's ok...wasn't by much and it was against a good team. No rants right this minute, but I got a couple stewing, so they may be showing up on this blog soon. :)

Monday, May 19, 2003

Matrix Reloaded

This was a good movie. The subtext was surprizingly deep (at least for an action movie), and of course, the eye candy was great. Over all, fun movie. Warning, it's a two-parter, being concluded with Matrix Revolutions in Nov.

Friday, May 16, 2003

We WON!!!! Yeah!

We actually won our game, like 16 to 9. Woohoo! Awesome. We celebrated with many drinks at the clubhouse. Fun fun fun.

Thursday, May 15, 2003


My company's softball team is playing again tonight. We've not been winning all that much. I do have a number on my shirt though. 23. It means nothing. Just there cuz no one else as a number. LOL

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Got plans...

For Matrix Reloaded this Friday! Yeah!!! Anyone seen the promo's for the Hulk? eh...the CGI hulk is looking too cartoony next to the RL stuff going on around him. I'm not convinced.

Monday, May 12, 2003

In case...

In case I have some regular visitors these days, I'll mention that I've cleaned up my links and created a secondary blog just for poetry and other creative writing projects. Click the link at the top of the Site Seeing column to the right called "Reading This". It is just getting started. I'm putting older works up right now. Just added a poem that is very important to me. I can't go into details as to why right now, but just know it was written for someone that loved me very much. If you have any works you'd like added, contact me and I can post them on the blog.

I'm a bit unsettled right now. Something has happened. Something wonderful, yes! Something confusing. Something which requires my patience and feelings to cohabitate. Something that has reminded me that I'm alive, and not just living.