Wednesday, May 27, 2020

A missed call in a Baseball game that didn't matter (but might've if things where different)

Some missed calls in Major League Baseball will live in infamy forever.  Other missed calls are nearly forgotten.  I recently ran into a video by SB Nation where a nearly forgotten missed call is discussed.  Pivetta is the pitcher and Barnes is the batter.

Instead of me retyping the discussion, just watch the video here.

It's hard to judge the accuracy of the statement about the play without seeing the play.  So, check out the play here.

After watching the replay, it's clear the Home Plate Umpire did call the runner out as a result of the fielding of the ball, and not due to any action by the runner himself.  This means the Umpire stopped play while the ball should've technically remained in play.  Does it really matter?

Though the fielding of the ball was incorrectly ruled a catch by the Home Ump, it's the pitcher who fielded the ball.  The pitcher's next action would've been to throw the runner out at First, which should've been the real end of the play.  Now, there's a slight chance the throw to First would've been screwed up, so that is why the play shouldn't have been stopped.  However, most probably the result of letting the play continue vs ending the play with a catch call wouldn't have changed the outcome of the play in this case.  The runner would still be out and the inning would still have be ended.  Now, if other base runners where present, then this missed call would've been more consequential because this bad call would've stopped base running and ended the inning.  At that point, maybe this bad call would've been more memorable.  But even in this case, it's the last out of the inning.  The batter would've still likely have been thrown out at First.  The end of the inning would've still happened right then and there.  Austin Barnes wasn't robbed a base hit by the bad call.

There is one chance of Barnes getting on base in this scenario if it weren't for the bad call.  Had the Ump not ruled the catch and ended play, the pitcher may have thought he had a proper catch and failed to throw the ball to First, giving Barnes a chance to make it safely to First.  However, it can be argued that this would've been an Error by Pivette, still not a base hit for Barnes.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Of Wolves and Rocks (Part 4)

Even with the current world crisis, and the lack of things to do regardless of where you might go, it was great being able to stay in the Colorado Springs area to see the wolves at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center.  It was also great to explore the Garden of the Gods for an afternoon.  That said, our original plans included a bit more.  There are still places to explore.  We'll be back.

Places we missed this time, that we'll try to do next time we are in the area:

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Of Wolves and Rocks (Part 2)

Originally, Allie and I's trip to Colorado Springs was meant to include an extra evening from the day before our adventure at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center.  With the world crisis underway, however, we just decided to drive down a bit later on Thursday.  Our time at the Center was scheduled for Friday morning.  This left Friday afternoon for exploring other local attractions.

We explored the Garden of the Gods. The drive around the park was fairly straightforward.  We stopped of at the Kissing Camels, Siamese Twins and Balanced Rock.

Kissing Camels
Siamese Twins
Balanced Rock
Afterwards we found a good Mexican restaurant that was on the way back to Colorado Springs, called Crystal Park Cantina.  We ordered by phone and then went to pick up our takeout order.  We were pleasantly surprized by our dishes when we ate them after we got back to our hotel.  We might return to this location next time we are in the area.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Of Wolves and Rocks (Part 1)

Allie and I travelled to the Colorado Springs area this weekend to explore the area and meet some wildlife at Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center.  Our travel itinerary was made before the current world crisis.  As such, many plans were changed or cancelled.  In Colorado, there are state restrictions, which are being phased out right now.  However, there's little consistency from one region to another since  individual cities have set their own rules.  So, we didn't know for sure if our visit to the Center was even going to happen until a week prior.  We had to change our hotel and cancel all restaurant reservations.  It was also fruitless to try to explore Colorado Springs downtown.

Fortunately, the Center was able to open as of May 1.  So, in addition to some everyday strict clothing requirements, the Center implemented proper face mask and social distancing for guests and staff.  

We had the Ultimate Alpha package.  This includes meeting two pairs of wolves and also foxes, and 50 photos of the interactions.  My only critique of our experience is that the quality of photography was lacking, as you'll see below. If you compare our photos with what is presented on the website, there's a world of difference.  I did touch up the photos to fix as much of the issues as possible.

We first visited the foxes.  The foxes were rambunctious.  They actually kinda reminded me of racoons. While we were in their enclosure, there was no question that Rhett and Scarlett viewed us as the source of their kibble, and nothing more.



Rhett and Scarlett

Navi and Tala are the pair of wolves that we next met.  I don't know if the photos truly capture the size of Navi.  When you are face to face with him, looking at him in the eyes, you get a real sense of the power and grace embodied by these awesome canids.  

Being greeted by Tala and Navi

We were able to start a pack howl. 
It wasn't hard.  They live for howling.

Navi and Tala

Finally, we met with Orenda and Isha. 

Orenda posing
A wolf only sits when it wants, and the treats only provide passive enticement.  Orenda only half sits for the promise of a kibble.

Orenda kinda sits for kibble.

Tala greeted Allie at first, but was generally aloof.  She knows she's beautiful and has little time for us humans.  (Actually, she did enjoyably interact with us for a time, but none of the photos are well-posed.)

The Deep Dark by Max Tobin (review)

The Deep DarkThe Deep Dark by Max Tobin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What happens when you live in a dystopia world with layers like an onion? The results are institutionalized death, pain and mayhem where life is miserable while each person fulfills their assigned roles. The secret truth is too unbelievable to be true, or so one would think.

Harton is the POV character. Harton moves through the story at a good pace. The story is revealed through character driven action. Some exposition is used to progress the story at certain points, but not overly done. The read is enjoyable and quick. This book does serve as a critique of certain aspects of our modern world by exploring a possible result of such.

This book uses method of writing to recall dreams which is a little distracting, but overall the story is linear as Harton makes discoveries and comes to certain realizations. Other than that, this is fairly traditional Sci-Fi in tone, plot and structure.

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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Tried to make a sleepy fishing village with Sunset Harbor

I tried to make a sleepy fishing village with Cities:Skylines Sunset Harbor DLC.  Well, it's a fishing village, but not sure if it's sleepy.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Orbital Dance - Inspired by adventures in Elite Dangerous

Flying around planets and moons is fun in Elite Dangerous.  This music is inspired by exploring worlds in star systems playing Elite Dangerous.

Other ED inspired music:
Explorer's Path
Cloud View
Orbital Dance

Wednesday, March 04, 2020

One soulful evening, I found myself looking up to the sky from a small moon

While playing Elite Dangerous, I was in my SRV on a small moon in a dimly lit star system at a geologically active site.  I looked up to see the parent planet and the space around me filled with an eerie sauna like steam bath.  The experience inspired this work.  While short, the tune is very loopable.

Other ED inspired music:
Explorer's Path
Cloud View
Orbital Dance

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Inspired by Running around the Galaxy in Elite Dangerous

After running around a galaxy of 400M+ stars and planets in Elite Dangerous, something from within me has sparked an exploration of ambient music inspired by my journeys.  So far, I have four works.  They are a backdrop for our daily explorations.  I'm releasing one at a time since they aren't really linked together in an albumatic theme.  This first release is truly meant to be background, so it lacks drama necessary for active listening.  My future releases will incorporate more dramatic tunes.  Here's Explorer's Path as it appears in iTunes:

Explorer's Path - Single

Other ED inspired music:
Explorer's Path
Cloud View
Orbital Dance

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

#3DEXPERIENCE For Good robot building fun during @danielleboyer 's presentation in the Playground. #3DXW20 #nashville #nashvilletn #nashvilletennessee #tennessee #downtownnashville #3Dprintering #robotsforkids

@danielleboyer live presentation about empowering kids with her robot designs, @ #3DEXPERIENCE For Good center in the Playground. #3DXW20 #nashville #nashvilletn #nashvilletennessee #tennessee #downtownnashville #musiccitycenter

#GravityIndustries giving a more detailed interview on #3DEXPERIENCE World 2020 Livestream. #jetsuit #jetpack #3DXW20 #nashvilletn #nashville #nashvilletennessee #musiccitycenter #tennessee

#GravityIndustries human flight with minimal equipment and their first controlled and sustained flight after many design iterations. #jetpack #3DXW20 #humanflight #3dprinting #nashville #nashvilletn #nashvilletennessee #tennessee #downtownnashville #jetsuit #metal3dprinting

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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Props designed in #SOLIDWORKS , Master Chief o7 / ":-) #3DEXPERIENCE #3DXW20 #nashville #nashvilletn #nashvilletennessee #downtownnashville #

Real world use cases for #3DEXPERIENCE and #SOLIDWORKS for electric wakeboards, crowd sourced watches, 3D Printers, and props #3DXW20 #nashville #nashvilletn #nashvilletennessee #tennessee #downtownnashville #awake #electricwakeboard #electricwakesurfing #watches #wristwatch #3Dprinters #rize #watchx #impactprops

"Design on your own terms; any time, any device, any place." -Aaron Kelly #3DXW20 #nashville #nashvilletn #nashvilletennessee #tennessee #downtownnashville #3dexperience

Room filling up for my "MBD and Me" presentation yesterday. Room ended up being standing-room-only as more people came in. Lots of people came up to talk with me afterwards. If I wasn't able to talk to you or you missed my presentation, feel free to stop me in the halls if you see me. #SolidWorks #SOLIDWORKSMBD #3DXW20 #nashville #nashvilletn #nashvilletennessee #tennessee #downtownnashville #musiccitycenter

Sunday, February 09, 2020

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Friday, February 07, 2020

Not a true #DiveBar unless there’s an actual danger of injury. #nashville #eastnashville #franseastside #eastsidenashville #nashvilletn #tennessee

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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

One Minute to Midnight (2019)

Good short film, for which I am titled "Executive Producer".  Although the title is only earned by my literal contribution to the Kickstarter project, I actually did help out with getting film details on IMDb, so...I guess I did some executive-producery stuff afterall. For the scope of the project and its literal shoestring budget, it turned out to be a surprizingly good short film.  Enjoy!

Friday, January 24, 2020

Australian bush fire crisis isn't over by a long ways

As a reminder, the fire crisis in Australia isn't over by a long ways. (

Two organizations to which I've donated are Wires ( for the animals and St. Vincent de Paul Society ( to help humans victims. It's my understanding that both organizations are applying donations directly to current relief efforts (if you choose the correct link on their websites).

There are also suggestions to donate to Red Cross and other similar organizations. This is also important because they respond to disasters. However, please realize that such donations are typically applied to their general fund and may or may not be applied to current relief operations. If you wish to donate to these, please do so at regular intervals as a separate donation to allow those organizations to continue to respond to future disasters.