Wednesday, January 29, 2020

One Minute to Midnight (2019)

Good short film, for which I am titled "Executive Producer".  Although the title is only earned by my literal contribution to the Kickstarter project, I actually did help out with getting film details on IMDb, so...I guess I did some executive-producery stuff afterall. For the scope of the project and its literal shoestring budget, it turned out to be a surprizingly good short film.  Enjoy!

Friday, January 24, 2020

Australian bush fire crisis isn't over by a long ways

As a reminder, the fire crisis in Australia isn't over by a long ways. (

Two organizations to which I've donated are Wires ( for the animals and St. Vincent de Paul Society ( to help humans victims. It's my understanding that both organizations are applying donations directly to current relief efforts (if you choose the correct link on their websites).

There are also suggestions to donate to Red Cross and other similar organizations. This is also important because they respond to disasters. However, please realize that such donations are typically applied to their general fund and may or may not be applied to current relief operations. If you wish to donate to these, please do so at regular intervals as a separate donation to allow those organizations to continue to respond to future disasters.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

It's almost a secret, but not really...riders are rated too on Uber and Lyft. Lyft just told me my rating...

I'm not sure the extent to which people know that they too are rated when they take a ride on Uber or Lyft.  I've known it, but others seem suprized when they hear mention of this fact.  This is likely due to the fact that the average user doesn't have access to that rating.  Well, today, Lyft just notified me of my rating!

At least, this is for my trips in 2019.  Lyft also let me know that I rode almost 800 miles with them this year.  Wow.  

Friday, January 10, 2020

Space Sauna out in the Black (Elite Dangerous)

After exploring for weeks, it was time to take a break. I found a deep canyon on this heavily scared moon with a great view at a geological site to enjoy a space sauna. Kick up your heels (of the space legs you do not yet have) and relax under the gas giant in nature's steam.

Attention! - May 2018

This alert happened several times during my stay at this location.  Not really sure what was going on.

Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Ritz Carlton Maui - April 2018

Maui Snorkelling - Kapalua Bay - April 2018

Please forgive the potato quality of this video which was apparently caused by overcompressing by upload and subsequent download to/from Instagram.  This video was taken with my phone using an underwater case, and not an underwater camera.  The original video has much better quality, of course.

Friday, January 03, 2020

Today I spotted a Bird Watcher that spotted something bald

On my regular commute to work through Broomfield this morning, I spotted a warmly dressed man who faced the wrong way on the wrong side of a bus stop shelter. I then spotted that he was looking through a photo camera with a rather large zoom lens.  He appeared to be looking North at something above the horizon, but not in the sky.  Something about all this said "bird watcher!" to me.

Example of Bald Eagle
(Illustrative proposes only)
I'm driving my car in moving traffic, so I wasn't inclined to just start looking intently off into the distance in a direction that was not the road in front of me.  As quickly as I could, I followed his view line and saw the tops of trees in an open space, about 40 yards from the road.  Yup.  Bird watcher.  I look back to the road ahead.  Then, as quickly as I could, I looked at the tree tops to scan for a perched bird shape.  Yup, something large.  ::Look at the road::  I glanced back at that shape.  Bald Eagle!  I double-take to make sure.  Yup!  I briefly consider the notion of stopping my car on the side of the road to get my own rough phone camera shot, but there was no good spot to conveniently stop, and the traffic was moving rather fast.  So, I caught a couple more glimpses of this critter before continuing my day.

I haven't see a Bald Eagle in this area for several years.  It was nice to see one again, minding its own business; not minding the humans.  Hey, Bald Eagle, please eat as many of the prairie dogs and rabbits as you like!  There's too many for the coyotes and foxes around here.

Monterey Peninsula - November 2017