Thursday, September 30, 2004

To the door dinging fuckhead

Dear Door Dinging Fuckhead,

You are an asshole. I don't care if you were drunk when you did it. I also don't care if it was your little brat of a child. I don't care if you were just having a bad day. I don't care if you are huge, and have to swing your door wide in order to get out of your car. Pay attention when you park and open your damn door.

If you got an SUV, don't park in a compact spot. You know what, don't even park in the parking lot. No spots are designed for your oversized death trap. Go park on the street!

If you got kids, then open the door for them (ever heard of Child Lock?).

If it's late at night, and you are toting around your drunkass friends, then park way the hell away from any other parked cars (again, ever heard of Child Lock? LOL). You better not be driving while drunk yourself!

If you're too fat to get out of your SUV and are toting around your 12 brats with your drunkass husband, then stay the fuck home. Never leave! Oh, and stop breeding too!

Truly yours in Christ,

P.S., I'm sorry I accidentally smashed up your car with my bat. I was just having a bad day because you dinged my car.


Monday, September 27, 2004

Its about time stylized films are getting made (Sky Captain)

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is a thoroughly fun film. It’s seems many people willfully don’t understand it. This isn’t a movie were Luke Skywalker cries about Princess Leia’s broken nail. This is a stylized, plot driven, sci-fi action flick in the tradition of the 1930’s Flash Gordon serial films. Paltrow and Law performed nearly flawlessly in their roles. Their acting is wooden and one-dimensional because the characters they are playing are intentionally wooden and one-dimensional. It’s part of the style of the movie. It amazes me some people can’t handle a full length stylized movie, but love even more heavily stylized (and damn near pointless) music videos. Turn off your need to see Luke Skywalker learning about himself when you go see this movie. It’s not a character development movie. It’s a movie that is just fun, which is exactly what it is meant to be. Ok, I’m done with the rant. LOL
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow succeeds where the Star Wars Prequels fail. Sky Captain creates a whole world through concise story telling, and a clear use of visual and acting styles. Star Wars uses a similar approach, but not nearly so well because the stories a just too crowded and compressed; with way too many characters. However, I must credit Lucas with one thing. Without the Star Wars Prequels, Sky Captain prolly would not have been created. I hope this is the beginning of a new movie era were more stylized films are made. I wouldn’t want every movie to be heavy on style and short on character development. However, for some stories, style is more important than character, and I hope Hollywood can now make such films with that in mind. Sky Captain is one example of just one style. The are many other styles out there just waiting to be explored!

Friday busy day

The sail boat race on Friday evening was a disaster for our team, Spitfire. We got a late start, had bad positioning on the course, and our main competitor performed flawlessly. Spitfire was in the lead in the racing series, but because we performed so badly in this final race, we lost the lead in the series. Chalk up another 2nd place in yet another racing series. Yeah, I’m disappointed.

After showering and changing, I picked up my g/f around 9:00pm. Instead of going to the Cheesecake Factory, we went to a good Persian restaurant just down the street from her place. It was nice to have a relaxing diner in a quiet atmosphere.

After dinner, we met up with Jenn and Miriam in downtown San Jose at the Mission Ale House. Miriam picked the spot where we were supposed to meet up. So, while my g/f and I are waiting for her at the Mission Ale House, I get an apologetic call from her. Well, when she told me Mission Ale House, she actually meant Tied House. Well, either way, Jenn and her finally joined us at the Mission Ale House. :-) However, we didn’t stay more than 45 minutes. For some reason, the drinks all tasted like cough syrup that night. Yuk. So, we met up with friends from the French Union (Miriam’s former co-workers from HP, who all happen to be French and who all live and hang out together, so we call them the French Union). It was at this place called The Vault. It’s a little posh, and a bit yuppie-ish. Those aren’t complaints, at least, not to me. But those are complaints to Jenn. We tried to go to this other place afterwards, but stopped off at this one Irish pub instead. We kinda got stuck there, just cracking each other up, laughing our heads off about whatever (Bee-nod). We even got a double laugh snort…one from Jenn that trigger one from Miriam. Bonus! LOL

At about 1:30am, Jenn and Miriam went to eat and meet up with some of Jenn’s friends, including Bee-nod. My g/f and I called it a night.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Long day ahead

Well, I got up early for work today, so I can get off early, so I can go sailing on my friend's sailboat in a "beer can race" up in Oakland (45 to 70 minute drive depending on traffic). Hopefully the race is short because I need to get back to San Jose to met up with my g/f to go to the Cheesecake Factory at 9:00pm. Then from there, we will head down to meet up with some friends in downtown San Jose at a club. ::takes a breath:: I hope I'm not getting too old to keep up this kind schedule. I couldn't make it last time I tried; almost, but not quite. To be continued... lol

Thursday, September 23, 2004

I can feel the religious fueled oppression building

We are going down the path of religious fueled oppression in the U.S. Christian fundamentalist (neoconservative) have been positioning themselves in key positions all over government at all levels. They are intolerant to change (improvement) and lack the ability to accept others who do not share in their brand of religion. They purposefully (wrongfully) imagine that our country was founded on their ideas of religion. Our country was founded on Free Mason principles, not fundamentalism. From what I understand, Free Mason principles involve religious tolerance, with an understanding that no single believe system is the only way. This is where the 1st Amendment comes from in the first place.
Despite the religious backlash against the progress that our country has made in the past four decades, people are still removing themselves from the churches at an ever increasing pace. Two increasing minorities are forming: People who don't believe in religion but believe in God; and atheists. Sooner or later, people in these developing minorities are going to have to defend their rights as a group. As the neoconservatives continue to consolidate power, their methods, goals and actions will grow more oppressive, with more overt bigotry. This is the same path that the Nazi party followed as it slowly took over the Germany government under Hitler.
I'm confident that the U.S. population and political landscape are too diverse to allow this to go too far. But even what is happening now might be considered going to far. I know the acceptance of the bigotry I've seeing so far is damn annoying to me.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Barry Bonds flashes a smile

My dad and I had great seats only 4 rows up from the dugout.  He's the big Giants fan, so I treated him to Sat's game.  From our seats (before the game) I walked down to just get a shot of the players in the dugout, but the usher held me back. I was like, "ookay".  He finally let me go down, but told me,
"Be ready. Have your camera on; have your finger on the button to take the shot. Walk down, take the shot and come right back up." 
Again, I'm wondering what's the big deal, but I comply.  I walk down to find Barry Bonds chatting. OK, so that's the big deal!  Barry is right here!  Without hesitation, I snap this shot.  Just as I'm snapping the shot, I notice Barry glance very quickly at my camera, then look back at the person he was talking to.  Besides looking at my camera for that split second, he ignored me, but I thanked him anyhow.  I then got a picture of the dugout that I originally wanted.

I didn't know Barry Bonds actually smiled at the camera during his glance until I zoomed-in on the photo on my photo-printer's preview screen!  How the hell did he time the glance and smile so well?!  I didn't even know when I was going to snap the shot myself!  Wow.  So, now I have a picture of Barry Bonds smiling at me, and all I wanted was a picture of the dugout.  lol  Hey, Mr. Bonds, thanks again; my dad loves the photo! Posted by Hello

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Giants Game; Bonds #701

I can tell my dad really liked seeing the Giants at SBC Park. This was his first time seeing his favorite team play in person...and his first time at SBC Park. We got to see Barry Bonds hit home run #701. To bad we didn't get to see the 700 (which happened last night). Oh well, it was a treat either way. The Giants did lose though. :( The Giants pitcher (Shmitz I think) started out strong, but faded in the 4 inning; first allowing a tie game, them giving up 4 more runs later.
We had great seats, 4 rows up from behind the Giants dugout near home plate. I would've liked being on the visitor site so I could heckle the Padres a bit more. ::evil grin:: I had a lot of fun at the game. I'm glad my dad did too.
After the long drive back to my parents' home from the game, I'm beat. I might visit my cuz and her family later. They live a few of blocks away (but not quite close enough to walk). But for now, I just wanna relax/recoop.

Friday, September 17, 2004

I tell her

I tell her. I tell her every day how I feel. I love her. She knows. I tell her all the time. As I write this, I give a thoughtful stare downward and away to the right. I stare at nothing. It’s just somewhere to look while I feel the depth of my love for her well within my soul. The lower-right corner of my black monitor that happens to stand where I gaze only comes into my thoughts because I now realize I am looking through it. It’s love that occupies my being.
I sigh, but find no relief. Love hurts. No, I was not wronged. Yes, she loves me greater. No, I’ve not wronged her. Love hurts when you feel it so completely. Affection of such nature cuts harshly through calm and agitated souls alike. When I inhale, I fully realize the scope of my adoration for her. When I exhale, the rushing egress of air re-enforces my breath's agony.
I feel her. She...

Be-goning for Weekend


I'm goin to head directly to my parents after work tonight. I remembered
our Tahao gift and the Sea World gift for my parents; and also the remote
and cables for the DVD play I gave my cuz. Amazing, huh? Hehe
I couldn't find my gym bags, so I'm using that little suitcase that you
like. :) Wanna run away with me?
I'm not planning to tailgate tomorrow's game, so I didn't bring a cooler.
We are in the luxury seating, so I figured if we go early, we can enjoy the
posh section of the stadium instead of hanging out in the parking lot.
I plan on returning Sunday morning. We can meet up as soon as I get back, if you like. I love you...missing you. ::muah::

Bigger Loves,
Pxxx Xxxxxxxt

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Bonds Bonds Bonds

I'm seriously hoping Bonds doesn't his #700 home run tonight. I taking my dad to tomorrow's game. It will be his first time at a Giants game (his favorite team); and his first time at SBC Park, so it would be the ultimate treat if this historic event happens in our that game instead of tonight! Damn it, Bonds, get your 700th this Saturday, you hear me! LOL

Bonds Bonds Bonds!

Thursday, September 16, 2004


I've been a little bit more relaxed since last weekend's trip. Of course, the problem now is, I'm thinking about where I wanna go next. :) Well, this weekend, I'm going to take my dad to Giants game. We are in the Field Club level. Damn near the best seats in the house. I was thinking I might be able to resell them for more than what I paid, since Bonds might hit ol' 700 HR there. I think he'll hit 700 before this Sat though. Besides, I got the tickets for the experience, not to make a profit.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

San Diego Trip, Sunday, Day 3

The Sheraton hotel is very nice. The staff is very friendly, courteous and helpful. The only problem we had was that the entry/exit gates of the north parking lot (closest to our room) didn’t work all that well. On Sunday, we slept in, again. We checked-out around 9:30am or so and headed to Downtown for breakfast. We decided to try out this one place called Café 222 (pronounced two-twenty-two). After spending ½ an hour to find parking in Downtown, we finally ended up at the café. While we waited for a table, we checked out a nearby Farmers Market. Once we were seated at the restaurant, we enjoyed good and fast service with a great breakfast. I recommend this place. After breakfast, we walked down to the Downtown open air mall. We spent a little time there, then decided to head up to La Jolla (backup link). We didn’t have enough time to go snorkeling, nor did we have a hotel room to go back to for a shower afterwards, so we went there to scope out snorkeling locations for future reference. Once back in San Diego, we looked at some model homes for a new project. My g/f and I were both a bit surprised to find out that the builder was trying to sell million dollar homes. The floor layouts sucked, and the places just weren’t that big. How does anyone afford million dollar homes in San Diego? That kind of price is nuts for Silicon Valley (even though there are many million dollar homes here). Anyways, we ate a late lunch at In and Out. Then we returned the rental car and were off to the airport. Once back in San Jose, I got back to my place around 10pm and again fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. By the way, we got the car rental hella cheap on We got the flight and hotel room at a great price on Travelocity, and all pretty much had the same offers listed. The only reason we chose Expedia is because I had an account with them.

Monday, September 13, 2004

San Diego, Saturday, Day 2

The Sheraton on Harbor Island Drive is in a very central location. Downtown San Diego, Sea World, Mission Bay, and the bridge to Coronado Island (backup link) are all less than 15 minutes away to drive. We never really had to rush to be anywhere. After sleeping in a little bit on Saturday, my g/f and I headed over to a nearby Denny’s. It was the best food we ate on the trip so far. Scary. The deli we patronized in Old Town on Friday was simply OK. It was priced too high for being just OK. Friday night, the food at the restaurant at Bahia Hotel was all over cooked. Fortunately, our culinary experience improved later. Sea World When we approached Sea World, it turned out to be a lot smaller than we imagined. When we entered the park grounds, we found that trying to get to the parking lot is like meandering down a class 1 river for 2 miles. It seemed like forever before we ended up at designated parking area. We arrived just before the first Shamu show started, so we headed right over to the stadium, which is near the gate. The Shamu show was the highest quality that I’ve ever seen for an animal show. The three older Killer Whales gave spirited performances. The stunts were plentiful and thrilling. Even “Baby Shamu” performed well. As a bonus, the Splash Zone is huge (the first 16 rows of the audience do get wet). My g/f and I both enjoyed this show a lot. I think she used up a whole roll of film just on the Killer Whales! :) The Dolphin show was also very engaging. Although the stunts aren’t the most impressive I’ve seen for a Dolphin show, the Sea World show was very seasoned. Sea World also has many walk through exhibits. You’ll see Manatees, Beluga Whales, a Polar Bear, many types of fish, Penguins, etc. Sea World displays each of the animals in simulated natural environments. This is prolly great for the animals. I know it is great for the guests because there is nothing quite like walking into the chilly Penguin habitat on a hot muggy day, such as that Saturday. If you come on a hot day, bring your swim trunks/bathing suit, sit in the Splash Zones and get on the wet rides. Sea World is a high quality, clean and well organized theme park that packs a big punch for its small size. Evening For the evening, we had a wonderful dining experience at the Indigo Grill (backup link) in the Little Italy (backup link) part of Downtown San Diego. For the first time, we had a great meal in San Diego. I recommend this establishment. After dinner, we wondered around the Gaslamp Quarter. There are a lot of restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs. Many of the shops are open very late. The Gaslamp Quarter is a large area; so expect to do a lot of walking if you want to see it all. At the end of the night, back in the hotel room, I think we fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

San Diego Day 1

With such an early flight (7:15), I was worried about waking up early enough to make it. Well, my g/f and I did make it...pretty much had perfect timing. Once in San Diego, we got our rental car early, and got our room hella early, 10am. Normally check in is at 3pm. After buying some essentials, we heading down to Old Town for lunch and some exploring. We ate at the one place near old town. Lunch cost use $19 for two sandwiches and a couple of drinks. That would've been ok if the food hadn't sucked.
We then headed down to Coronado Beach. The ocean water is fairly warm. I swam in California waters for the first time in 20 years. It did take me a little while to get used to the water. We had a lot of fun there. We did have a plan to take an evening cruise on a Paddlewheel boat, but dinner took longer than expected, so we missed our chance for Friday. Maybe we will try again this afternoon, after Seaworld.
Back in the 90's, sometimes I visited San Diego a few times a year. It's nice to get back here. This is my g/f's first time. This will be our first time at Seaworld.
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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Political Parties out of balance

The trouble with U.S. politics right now is that the parties are off balance. They are faltering.
The Republican Party was weakened in the early 1990s. This left a power vacuum that the Religious Conservatives (who are normally fundamentalists) and pseudo-Libertarians (gun nuts) filled in the mid-1990s. These groups don’t care about traditional positions of the Republican Party. They have used it to accomplish their own ends. Many of the actions taken by the Republican Party in recent years are in direct conflict with the party’s traditions. (Side note, anyone fundamentalist who believes that second coming of Christ is going to replace the U.S. government shouldn’t be in politics in the first place, since they may misinterpret the bible and decide now is a good time for Armageddon; not to mention other basic problems that I may get into at some other time. I mention this because of the harsh religious tone of the Republican Party right now.)
The Democratic Party was the status quo for much of the 20th Century. They seem lost now that the dynamics of the Republican Party has changed. They are now weakened, similar to the Republican Party of the early 1990’s. Except in the Democrat case, there doesn’t seem to be groups ready to fill their power void. I don’t know if this is a good thing or not. One the one hand, their traditional positions are being held on to. On the other hand, without some sort of fresh blood take over, they will flounder for many years to come.
I hope the Democratic Party can get organized soon. I hope that the Republic Party moves away from realm of religious ideologies. I’m a centralist (not a moderate). I am happiest when the two parties are in balance. When there is a balance, the government is less likely to tell me or any citizen how to live our lives.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Labor Day Weekend

Sunday’s BBQ went well. My friends Miriam and her 4 year-old daughter, Dave and his girlfriend, my roommate, and my g/f all showed. I’m glad we all had a good and relaxing time. As a bonus, the park was less crowded than I had estimated. And of course, we ended up with too much food.
Side note, my big toe was still bothering me on Monday, so I didn’t get to go sailing on the Spitfire. Instead I spent Monday afternoon playing Civilization III.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Week Report and BBQ at the Park

I'm hosting a BBQ at a park around the block from my place, this Sunday. I will claim our spot pretty early, and expect my friends to show up around 1:00pm.

Tonight, I'm going to hang out with Miriam. Maybe watch a DVD.

Yesterday, I was really missing my g/f, so I called her up and asked her to come over. Maybe it's a booty call, but hey, she's entitled. lol I love that girl.

My friend Jane is feeling down and isn't eating that well right now. She gets like that from time to time, so I dragged her out to Jamba Juice Weds afternoon after work. For some odd reason, she doesn't count Jamba Juice as eating. Loop-holes are great! :) Anyways, after I made sure she drank her juice, I sent her on her way. Eat, Damnit!

Ronie is getting married. I got to hear all about it on the phone yesterday afternoon. Mind you, the wedding is in 2006 or something like that. :) Anyways, she's hoping to narrow down the guess list to 200 invites (like 500 people). Ouch. That reminds me, I gots to sent her updated contact info for Miriam. Laterz

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Woohoo! Posted by Hello

Giants Tickets

I'm giving up a chance to get great seats to tomorrow night's Giants game because I've already planned to spend the evening hanging out with my friend. I'm taking my Dad to a Giants game in a couple of weeks, otherwise I might have taken the offer for the free tickets tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Dinner with her folks

Had a pleasant dinner last evening with g/f's parents out the Outback for her mom's b/d.