Saturday, April 27, 2002

Interesting Week

This is turning out to be an eventful week. At work, earlier in the week, my boss's boss surprized me with an attaboy...a literal pat on the back. It tripped me out for most of the day. I'm a professional, working in a serious office environment, and attaboys just aren't part of the usual routine. I'm appreciative that he's appreciative of my work, but it was quite unusual. Also, our company is moving into a new larger building, and all of Friday was spent packing up and preparing everything for the movers. All in a month here, I've got a new and a new office. Now I just need a new g/f. lol

Anyways, last night I went out with some friends, Dave, Miriam, Ronie and this co-worker of theirs Stephanie. Cuz Dave can't drink, he's the automatic Double D for the night. So, we all meet up at Paolo's in downtown San Jose, which is on the ground floor at Ronie and Miriam's work (Authur Anderson). The rest of us got our own poisons. Me with the Long Island Iced Tea, Ronie with a Lemon Drop, Miriam with...I can't remember now and Stephanie with her wine and cheese. Afterwards, we went down to this Kareoki bar in Japan Town. Over all, I had a great time, and have that great worn-out-from-the-night-before feeling right now. It's been awhile for me.

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Funny thang happened on the way home today

Have you ever seen the movie "Saving Silvermen"? It's pretty funny...sep the three stars in the film are in a band that idealizes Neil Diamond. Is there even one guy in the world that idolizes him? C'mon now! hehe...well, perhaps...on the drive home today, I drove past this older Datson Z. It was in good condition for its age. Guess what was blaring from his car? Neil Diamond, thumpin away (as best as you can with a Neil Diamond song anyway). lol I just passed by, smiling.

Moving Cubes and travelling the state

My company is preparing for a big move into a new larger building not far from its current site. For the first time in a couple of years, everyone will be in one building. I'm looking forward to the move myself. I'm not entirely sure why though. Moving cubes is a pain. The cube size itself is the same as my current one, only without a big column going thru it, so technically my own new cube will be bigger. Other than that, I'll be able to expand out into the walkways just a bit with filing cabinets and stuff.

In other news, I'm working out a plan for May right now, to visit friends and great places all over California. Santa Barbara, off-roading (possibly down south in Monterey County), the woodlands up north, and prolly Monterey itself. Should be fun. All this, and taking no
additional work days off...just taking off every weekend. :) That's the plan, at least.

Saturday, April 20, 2002

Bayquon refresh

Ok, since this was a posting early on, and most people just now hitting up this site prolly having seen it, here's the link to the Bayquon story. It's pretty funny if you can follow it. Bayquon Story

In other news, last night I started dozing off around 10 or so, then I get a call from my friend at 10:30 telling me to come on down to this billards place where a bunch of friends are shotting pool. So I shake off the sleep, and head on down...getting there around 10:50 or so. Well, that's enough time for part of a pool game, which everyone was just kinda taking turns whenever. Then everyone decides at 11:30 to take off. huh. fun night. LOL

Thursday, April 18, 2002

Late night

Damn, I was draggin' mah ass all day at work. Stayed up late on a school night last night. Had diner at Stoddards in Campbell, and then watched Fast and the Furious DVD with Dave and Ronin. That movie sucks sooooooo bad. yuk. What few race scenes in the move don't make up for the rest. Had a good time hanging out with my friends, though. Been working late recently too...but to make up for time off I'm taking for the UnitedWay funding review committee. I'm so tired right now too. ug.

Tuesday, April 16, 2002


Dang it, I have a nice car (and it is nice;), but I had to buy it before I was ready. My original plan was to get a computer, then a nice car...but now that I have the car, I'm not going to get a nice computer. Gots to save my money now, for business. i've paid off all my credit cards thru a credit management program, so I'm out of debt (old debt anyway...I have that new car now lol), but cuz I had to use the credit management, it means I'm pretty much starting over. So, I need to save my money to be able to use it towards my goals. sucks.

Saturday, April 13, 2002

Troubling Neighbors and Answers to unquestionable questions

So far, I've avoided putting too much blog filler in my blog, but hey, this is pretty damn funny >>>  (archived version)To give credit, I found the link in this blog which I might be adding to my blogroll http://sdenjack.bravepages.***/ (removed direct link; site is gone and link is possibly hacked)

Next Topic
For the first time in my blog, I'm going to get all metaphysical. I won't do it often, so don't hold it against me. hehe Anyways, what is the answer to life, the universe and everything? I'm sure some of you know that the answer is 42, of course. Well, for some reason, that got me thinking recently about why the universe is. (I'm sure Douglas Adams never thought his book would be the catalyst for deep thought, but it is) Since the universe is governed so heavily by numbers, who's to say that the answer to life's great questions aren't really just numbers, or a single number like 42. So, what I came up with is this. The purpose of the Universe is to produce one random number. LOL The number prolly isn't "42" since that doesn't really mean much (as Douglas Adams intended). What is the random number that the Universe is supposed to produce then? The Golden Ratio (or PHI), which calculates roughly to 1.618. Why? This number is all over in nature, from rabbit breeding to our own body. It forms a symmetry and beauty that is everywhere in nature. What does this mean to us? Since the Universe's purpose is to be a random number generator, maybe God isn't so worried about us people following some ancient texts in a particular way. The Universe is designed to work thangs out for itself regardless of what us humans decide to write down on parchment. And, since the Universe has calculated its random number so soon (it's only about 13BY old and has another 250BY to go), maybe we have a free ride to actually enjoy living. ;)

Friday, April 12, 2002

Junior Acheivement

I actually ended up going to this thang after all. It was cool...and kinda funny to be at the "Arthur Anderson" table. It was a banquent to showcase some of the years best benifactors and show some on the local kids in the program. The presentations and talks were typical, but interesting. Oh...and I got a free dinner and drinks, so it was worth it. :)

Thursday, April 11, 2002

Trouble with Guys and A Black Tie Affair

Hey Sarah, the trouble with guys is that a lot of us think we are playas when we really aren't. Of course, when more than one girl buys into our smooth lines and sweet talking, then we become a playa. Is your man trying to play ya, girl? Maybe I should create a test for it at one of those test sites, "Is your man a Playa?" :) (Just for the record, personally I'm not a hater, but I also not and let live, ya'no.)

Ok, I'm reporting in to my blog now. :) I was invited to this "Junior Achievement Banquet" tonight by a friend of mine at Arthur Anderson. What's Junior Achievement, I asked. When I first heard it, I that is was some benefit for school athletes for something. lol It's for young people in the region to show them how to be leaders in business. Anyways, it's a black tie affair, and I haven't had a suit since I was a Junior in high school, so I'm not going to make it. The reason my friend brought it up is cuz (as we all know) Arthur Anderson is crumbling, and no partners from the firm are particularly interested in being around a crowd right now. So they offered up the Arthur Anderson table to the staff and managers. I think it's only going to be 4 people in all going. LOL

Tuesday, April 09, 2002

The comments are starting to get a bit racy...

Damn, the comments on this page are starting to get ...umm...interesting. :) I'd like to ask my friends to behave! Ok, I know that's a lot to ask. lol

Saturday, April 06, 2002

I'm starting to build my credit

After getting my credit cards completely paid off using a credit management program for the past 3 or so years, I gots my first new credit card. Am I going to use it? Well, to build my credit back up, I gots to, but not extensively...only for small purchases of thangs I use my debit card for already, like gas. The big credit builder for me right now is my new car of course.

In other news, I was supposed to go to Marine World with my friends today...but stayed out to late last night to get up in time. Damn, does that make me a flake? LOL Oh well. So instead, I got to work a little extra overtime at work. Making the money instead of spending it...what a novel idea. :)

Tuesday, April 02, 2002

AOL problems not always AOL's fault. lol

I was just trying to log on to AOL and keep getting errors. So, as I try again, the phone rings on the same line. I only have one line, and my internet access is dial=up. Anyways, it was my friend, Miriam, trying to get thru. So we talk...she wants to meet down at Chevy's again. So I hang up with her and see there's a message at my message I listen to it, and it was her! lol She was repeatedly calling me while I was trying to get online. That girl is crazy sometimes (in a good way lol).