Monday, January 28, 2019

Be like Jay?

Be like Jay!  Be gay and scolding, I guess. Looks like poetry of questionable quality isn't only the domain of grade school English class.


Something glorious, something gay,
Flits and flashes this-a-way!
’Thwart the hemlock’s dusky shade,
Rich in color full displayed,
Swiftly vivid as a flame—
Blue as heaven and white as snow—
Doth this lovely creature go.
What may be his dainty name?
“Only this”—the people say—
“Saucy, chattering, scolding Jay!”

-uncredited c.1897

Monday, January 21, 2019

Super blood wolf moon eclipse 2019, as best as I can get by handholding my phone

Tonight's Lunar Eclipse.  I didn't even know about it until I saw the Earth's shadow upon the moon while casually looking out a living room window.  As soon as I saw, I started watching in the backyard; and experimenting with my phone camera to capture the moments.

Via Instagram

 Via Instagram

 Via Instagram

Almost to the total Lunar Eclipse. This is about as good of a shot I can get handholding my phone. Peak of the total eclipse is in about 15min; via Instagram

This photo was taken near the peak.  It took a fair amount of Instagram filter use to bring this photo to the point of being marginally recognizable; via Instagram