Sunday, November 30, 2003

49ers Game and this Turkey Day

I'm taking my dad and my g/f to a 49er's game at Candlestick againt the Cardinals on the 7th. This is the first time either of them will be at a football game, let alone a 49ers game. This is going to be fun. We have good seats in the lower reserve. this is under the overhang, so we don't get wet in case of rain. I'm working on getting prepaid parking pass too, to make the endeavor even more enjoyable by not having to worry so much about parking and getting in some good tailgating. :)
This Turkey Day was interesting. I met my g/f's parents on Thurdays. That worked out pretty good. But then I took my g/f to my parents place for Friday and Sat. Well, my mom likes my g/f now. Damn, poor thang, she got her ear talked off by my mom. lol

Bad Santa

Bad Santa is a great movie. Gross, funny, good twist ending (though traditional), lots of laughs that don't depend too much on sight gags, and enduring. To paraphrase once critic, once you watch this movie, you'll never believe in Santa Claus again. lol

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

This is in response to the act of holding U.S. Citizens and "enemy combatants"

There is no need to hold U.S. citizens as enemy combatants since we are already held to a higher standard. There are laws already in place that hold U.S. citizens who act against America accountable for their subversion. If federal officials really believe that a U.S. citizen is aiding our enemies, they need to use our legal system properly by filing charges against these people. Our federal system needs to stop being afraid of its own shadow, and take a stand. It is cowardice on the part of federal officials to attempt to treat U.S. citizens in ways that are clear violation of the constitution. Treating any U.S. citizen as though they are not a citizen threatens the rights of every American, and this new practice needs to stop. Grow some balls and take those who have worked with our enemies to trial! Keeping them detained as "enemy combatants" is a threat to our way of life.

Friday, November 14, 2003


Today, I thought I'd just ramble here in my blog. The goal is to really say nufin at all for as long as I can while still making some sense. So ... well, I think I may have reached the end of this attempt. lol

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Steel Tariffs are bad

Ok, note to President Bush: Please eliminate the tariffs of imported steel. How are we supposed to have a free market economy when we are putting up walls like this? Get rid of them. They only serve to threaten to take the economy down in the same way tariffs ended up causing the deepening of the Great Depression in 1930's.

Friday, November 07, 2003

More Movies Matrix Revolutions

Matrix Revolutions is a good movie and a great science fiction story. The point of the story isn’t the battles. The point is questioning the purpose of life itself, dealing with spiritual and religious issues. There’s a lot of subtext to the story. There is s a lot of battles and special effects too. It’s almost a sensory over load in two completely different ways. The movie does have some weak points which detract from it at times, like when it takes itself too seriously a couple times, and when it was intentionally corny a some other times. Over all, it is a good story with a very satisfying end to the Matrix trilogy.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

More more Movies

Pieces of April is good movie. It feels odd saying this, but it is a Thanksgiving holiday movie. But it's not a traditional Hollywood or made-for-TV type story. It's funny, quirky, intelligent. It's also sentimental, but without one ounce of sappiness. I know, that's hard to imagine, but this movie pulls it off. It's not a great movie, but it will end up in my DVD collection.

Kill Bill vol. 1. Well, this is a violent, stylistic, clever, and inventive movie. It plays out like a modern live action comic book. It is enjoyable. It is extreme. I'm going to reserve further judgment till I see Vol 2, due out sometime early next year.