Saturday, April 29, 2023

Air Duct Cleaning Scam "Exposed"!

This sounds like scammers stumbled across an actual legitimate business model but don't know it, so they are still using their scammer-ways even though there's really no need for it in order to be successful.

Friday, April 28, 2023

Likely wrong, but verify your local laws to be certain


In the US, the rule for which lanes you are allowed to take on turns varies by state. However, the rule shown in this image is likely untrue in most places. Instead, more often than not, the right-of-way driver is allowed to pick their lane.

Of course, this post isn't legal advice, so check local laws to know the rule for your area. However, many people mistakenly believe their state allows them to turn when they don't have the right-of-way. A better rule is to always yield to right-of-way, regardless (because you never know what the other person is going to do).


Saturday, April 22, 2023

Mongering things (a comprehensive list of monger words)

English is a growing language with many quirks and niches.  For example, "-monger" as a suffix is way more common that most might expect.  Below is a list of -monger words that you are free to use in everyday speech and writing (if you have the opportunity).  I've purposefully listed them out of order to encourage a slow and bemused perusing rather than the experience of a cold dictionary.  However, d
efinitions below are provided reference-only and should not be considered as authoritative.

Note that I'll be adding to this list over time.  Also, if you found a monger word that is not on this list, please comment below.  

·    bookmonger - bookseller

·    cheesemonger - seller of cheese

·    lawmonger - one who practices of law

·    wondermonger - exploitor of strange or freakish things

·    noisemonger - performer of noisy music

·    doommonger prophesier of doom

·    panicmonger - spreader of panic

·    lovemonger - advocator of love; also fancymonger

·    starmonger - astrologer

·    ironmonger - seller of tools or the storage thereof; also toolmonger

·    eirmonger - seller of eggs

·    beermonger - seller of beer

·    questionmonger - asker of many questions

·    fruitmonger - seller of fruit

·    troublemonger - maker of trouble

·    woolmonger - seller of wool

·    hatemonger - pusher of hate against a person or group of people

·    balladmonger - composer of ballads

·    wordmonger -speaker or writer who communicates pretentiously

·    scandalmonger - spreader of gossip; also gossipmonger or newsmonger or sleazemonger or charactermonger

·    prayermonger - one who prayers without true devotion

·    gospelmonger - peddler of holy gospel

·    smutmonger - publisher of a tabloid or other sensationalized news; also sensationmonger

·    loanmonger - dealer of loans

·    fashionmonger - booster of fashion

·    racemonger - inciter of racial and ethnic tensions

·    cockmonger - procurer of cocks

·    peacemonger - one who is strictly pacifist

·    alemonger - seller of ale

·    whoremonger - enjoyer of whores

·    hypemonger - one who hypes something

·    carpetmonger - dealer of carpets

·    boroughmonger - trader of parliamentary seats of boroughs

·    woomonger - pusher of pseudoscientific practices and information

·    costermonger - seller of goods from a cart or stall in the streets; also costardmonger

·    woodmonger - seller of wood

·    phrasemonger - speaker of phrases that were coined by others

·    scaremonger - spreader of fear-based rumors

·    barbermonger - a vain poser

·    rumormonger - spreader of rumors

·    haymonger - dealer of hay

·    miraclemonger - one who pretends to create miracles

·    fellmonger - dealer of animal hides

·    versemonger - writer of verses

·    statemonger - one who is well-versed in politics

·    profitmonger - exhibitor of greed; also moneymonger

·    relicmonger - dealer of religious relics

·    meritmonger - one who depends on merit from good deeds in order to earn salvation; also secondary use of workmonger

·    rulemonger - one who is insistent that rules must be followed

·    questmonger - one who engages in frivolous litigation

·    powermonger - irresponsible wielder of power

·    placemonger - trafficker of appointments to places

·    lightmonger - installer of light fixtures

·    deathmonger - murderer of many people; also killmonger

·    pussymonger - pimp; also fleshmonger or muttonmonger

·    filthmonger - purveyor of obscenities

·    dramamonger - provoker of dramatic situations

·    warmonger - advocator for war; see sciencemonger for secondary use

·    systemmonger - one who indulges in the construction of systems

·    poisonmonger - peddler of poison

·    winemonger - seller of wine

·    fishmonger - seller of fish

·    mealmonger - seller of meals

·    diseasemonger - one who tries convince healthy or slightly ill people that their usually mild ailment urgently needs drug treatment

·    fearmonger - spreader of fear, or an alarmist

·    charitymonger - contributor of large sums of money to charities

·    spellmonger - caster of spells, or practitioner of magic; also magicmonger

·    cornmonger - dealer of grain

·    storymonger - teller of stories

·    opportunitymonger - opportunist, often seeking immediate action

·    pearmonger - seller of pears

·    wealthmonger - one who is rich

·    knowledgemonger - seeker or purveyor of knowledge for betterment

·    artmonger - artist, dealer or promoter of art

·    ideamonger - dealer of ideas

·    disastermonger - warner of foreseeable disaster

·    commoditymonger - merchant

·    firemonger - starter of fires

·    bribemonger - taker of bribes

·    treasuremonger - seeker of treasure

·    carnagemonger - creator of carnage

·    dreammonger purveyor of hope; also hopemonger; or supernatural seller of actual dreams

·    healthmonger - promoter of healthy eating and life-style

·    superstitionmonger - purveyor of superstition

·    fortunemonger - promoter of fortune

·    historymonger - historian

·    spacemonger - optimizer of storage space

·    informationmonger - collector of information

·    pleasuremonger - seeker of pleasure

·    spymonger - one who spies or engages in spycraft

·    lifemonger - controller of lifeforce as a magical ability

·    speechmonger - expounder of arguments in support of an ideology

·    peltmonger - dealer of pelts

·    seafoodmonger - seller of seafood

·    soulmonger - trapper of souls

·    slavemonger - trader of slaves

·    weaponmonger - dealer or collector of weapons

·    churchmonger - proselytizer of a given church, congregation or faith, often in a pushy manner; similar to cultmonger or sectmonger or religionmonger (see sciencemonger for secondary use of religionmonger)

·    dealmonger - haggler or negotiator 

·    coalmonger - dealer of coal

·    sexmonger - promoter or engager of promiscuous sex

·    thoughtmonger - thinker of many thoughts

·    contractmonger - negotiator of contracts

·    crimemonger - writer of crime stories

·    drugmonger - trafficker of drugs

·    educationmonger - strict adherent to fact-based education

·    energymonger - something that consumes energy in a non-green manner

·    musicmonger - seller of music

·    propertymonger - investor in real estate

·    weathermonger - meteorologist; or controller of weather by means of magic

·    sciencemonger - gamer within a 4X game who focuses on acquiring scientific discoveries for a science-based victory; also technologymonger; similar to secondary use of religionmonger (religion-based victory), warmonger (conquest-based victory), and also culturemonger (culture-based victory)

·    secretmonger - dealer of secrets

·    timemonger - controller of time and alternate realities

·    workmonger - one who works excessively; see meritmonger above for secondary meaning

·    pillmonger - practitioner of medicine; or a dealer of illegal drugs