Monday, October 19, 2015

#sandpiper eating

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#Beach - #Florida - #StPetesBeach

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Pat's who?

Yesterday, in my flight outta Denver, on my way to Tampa, there was a loud guy behind me on the plane. He was taking about NFL game scores as he was keeping track over the plane's wifi. 

The guy sitting next to me blurted out "How are the Pat's doing?" 

To which, loud guy rightfully responded, "Pat's who?" 

"The Patriots!"

"Ah, you mean the Deflatriots!", loud guy retorted.  Loud guy is a Colts fan. 

As a reminder, we were on a Denver flight, with a destination somewhere in the South.  New England is nowhere in sight.

Yeah, if you are from New England but aren't in New England, please be careful out there in the wild.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

New to Colorado; today got new auto plates, registered to vote and voted

Today, I'm about as much of a Colorado resident as I can be without getting my driver's license switched over.  The process to get Colorado plates for an out-of-state car is not painful, but it does have an extra step I've never seen before.  You have to get something called a VIN Verification form filled out by either a licenced auto dealer, licenced emissions checker or an officer of the law.  So, Allie and I went to the police station to ask an officer to fill out the form for our cars.  Fortunately, the DMV was in the same property, so we immediately went there from the police station.  In between the police station and the DMV was a voting station.  Apparently today, there just happens to be a ballot measure called BB which asks Coloradans what they want to do with all the extra marijuana tax revenue.  So, after we got out of DMV with our new licence plates, we walked over to the voting station.  We registered to vote.  We then voted.  All this, and there is still plenty of daylight remaining to enjoy the rest of the day.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

There aren't many #Potholes in #Denver #colorado, but when you do find one, it's a doosie. #pothole #takenfromthecar #rainy #rainyday

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This jet looks hungry #wingsovertherockies

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This Tomcat's mission isn't quit over. #wingsovertherockies #f14

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@ #wingsovertherockies

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#xwing @ #wingsovertherockies

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That missile isn't going anywhere #Museum #wingsovertherockies

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