Thursday, February 03, 2022

How to fix Soldyne's Fruit Stand v12 missing asset prop in Cities Skylines as reported by Loading Screen Mod on Steam Workshop

The Steam Workshop for Cities: Skylines is full of buildings, props and other game assets that are uploaded by "content creators" (aka, users who make their own content for the game).  The problem with Steam Workshop is that many assets come and go all the time.  It's difficult to keep up.  If you subscribe to an asset, that asset can be removed from the Workshop for a number of reasons, and you'll never be notified.  You'll just have to notice the empty lot or missing decoration while playing the game.

The problem is compounded when you subscribe to a building that uses other content creator props.  The props can be removed while your subscribed building is still available for you.  This issue causes a silent error when opening your cities.  In turn, this can drastically slow down how long it takes to open your cities (saved games) within the game.

Soldyne's Fruit Stand v12 missing asset

I use the Loading Screen Mod (or its temporary replacement for Airport DLC) which let's me see such errors.  A strange one that keeps popping up is the missing asset of "Soldyne's Fruit Stand v12".  Even with all Workshop assets turned off, this error still pops up and slows down the opening of saved games.  

After looking into the issue, I discovered that the content creator renamed the asset, but other content creators that used the asset didn't update their own assets in kind.  In my case, the commonly subscribed building H2 4x4 Chinatown Temenent uses the originally named asset and was never updated to use its new name.

The Fix

I fixed the issue for myself.  In the Asset Editor, I opened a similar asset named "Soldyne's Fruit Stand v1" and then saved it as "Soldyne's Fruit Stand v12".  Because the name was already used on the Workshop, and I cannot reupload this new asset for everyone else.  Workshop still recognizes it as the original asset and its original creator.  So, you'll have to do this for yourself in one of two ways.

Open "Soldyne's Fruit Stand v1" within Asset Editor and save it as "Soldyne's Fruit Stand v12"

If you don't want to edit assets directly.  Perhaps you may prefer to just download a fix instead.  I can provide the fix via the following PC file management workaround.  First, be sure to exit the game.  Then, download the attached zip file (at the bottom of this article).  It contains the renamed asset.  Unzip it to your folder here:  

%installfolder%:\Users\%yourwindowsusername%\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Addons\Assets

For example:

C:\Users\brainfive\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Addons\Assets

Soldyne's Fruit Stand

Once I created this replacement asset, the error was gone.

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Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Just a reminder - Han also shot first in Empire Strikes Back (against Vader himself)! Seems like a good habit for a swashbuckler.

Technically, "shoot first" just means you shot before something happened, not necessarily both parties taking a shot. "Shoot first, ask questions later."