Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Trail 43 - Fall of the impending Winter

It's been while since I went for a hike at a location covered in 60 Hikes within 60 Miles: Denver and Boulder. I made it to Hike #43 from this book, South Boulder Creek Trail from Bobolink Trailhead. This is a fairly flat trail with a very slow incline. The trail is unusual, in that it splits between a paved path and a gravel-and-dirt path for a short stretch. The paved route is intended to support cycling, though cyclists were using both routes.

The trail follows fairly close to the right bank of the South Boulder Creek throughout the northern half of its length, and the left bank for the Southern half. The creek flows south to north.

Near the trailhead, there's a lot of shade on the unpaved route, but most of the trail is in open space. Wear sunscreen, as there's very little shade.  Additionally, the trail crosses both South Boulder Road and US Route 36 via underpasses.

Even for Midautumn, the vegetation was surprisingly brown with empty trees. It's pretty for Fall and Winter, particularly with a blue sky and the Flatirons as a backdrop.

Given the time of year, I didn't expect to see much wildlife. Even still, there were some curious cows in one of the fields. The hike was enjoyable and leisurely.

One warning about the creek.  Apparently, there's a New Zealand Mudsnail infestation. So, there's signs at several locations warning hikers (and their dogs) not to go into the creek (to make sure they aren't accidentally carrying this little invasive critters to other places in Colorado).

Toebzilla wags his tail


Monday, October 16, 2023

A fox just moseying along the road on a dog walk


A fox just moseying along the road. Joie got her chance to bark at this suburban intruder, from a safe distance.


Thursday, September 28, 2023

In-Field Babe Ruth II

A long time ago, I wrote about how I hit an in-field Babe Ruth in a high school softball game. I pointed at the short stop player who taunted me and told him that I was going to hit the ball right at him; and I did just that.  The player was so stunted, he dropped the ball, and I was easily safe at first base. 

Well, I hit another in-field Babe Ruth. It was also a long time ago, but after I wrote about my first in-field Babe Ruth.  (I'm surprised I didn't mentioned in this blog at that time.)  OK, so I hit this second in-field Babe Ruth at a local softball game for a team that was sponsored by my then-employer.  

Babe Ruth calling his shot
Babe Ruth's "called shot" home run

The whole affair was similar to the first time.  I was at bat.  The first base player was taunting me to hit the ball right at her.  She pounded her glove and held it out in front of her.  I pointed at her and say "OK, you asked for it".  I positioned my feet to bias my swing to hit towards first base.  The pitch was made.  I swung and hit the ball exactly were I intended.  It went straight for her glove.

The ball hit squarely in her glove and bounced to the ground.  She was so stunted, she didn't even think to try to pick up the ball until I was already well on my way at full speed heading to first base.  She finally scrambled to pick up the ball.  It was too late. I ran across first base.  Safe!

Sidenote, at that time, the team was known as the Cepheid Xperts.  It appears the team now goes by the name Cepheid Sluggers.

New Patent issued


Linking views/states of 3d models and propagating updates in same
Japan Patent 7357715
Issued: Sept 28, 2023

Linking of 3D views within a 3D model, such as saved views and presentation states, into parent and child relationship. Automatically propagate changes to child views and their associated annotations when the orientation and other aspects of the parent view are changed, where the child views change to remain at the same relative orientation to the parent view, and where the annotations of a child view are modified so that their orientations are aligned with changes to the orientation of the associated child view.

[Normally, the US patent is first to be issued (ahead of international patents). However, in this case, the Japanese Patent Office worked faster than the USPTO; so it's the issuance of Japanese Patent that marks this achievement. I like the Japanese patent certificate.]

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

A list of many types of Angles from Geometry

There are many types of angles in geometry. I previously made a very basic list of angle pairings on my technical blog. This was written from the perspective of sketching shapes. The previous article only scratched the surface. As such, I've been wanting to revisit this topic from more generic geometry-based perspective. As an ad interm step, I've complied this list of different types of angles (basic types or shapes), angle pairings (group or related), and angle positions. In the future, I'll use this list as the basis for some sort of content with visual examples.
Angle Name Alternate name Definition Concept
Acute n/a An angle that measures less than 90 degrees. basic type
Full Full Rotation An angle that measures exactly 360 degrees. basic type
Obtuse n/a An angle that measures more than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees. basic type
Reflex n/a An angle that measures more than 180 degrees but less than 360 degrees. basic type
Right n/a An angle that measures exactly 90 degrees. basic type
Straight n/a An angle that measures exactly 180 degrees. basic type
Zero n/a The two rays of the angle make zero degrees inclination with respect to each other basic type
Adjacent n/a Two angles that share a common vertex and a common ray but do not overlap. group
Alternate n/a Pairs of angles formed when a transversal intersects two lines. They are on opposite sides of the transversal and are congruent. group
Alternate Exterior n/a Pairs of angles formed when a transversal intersects two lines. They are on opposite sides of the transversal and outside the pair of lines. group
Alternate Interior n/a Pairs of angles formed when a transversal intersects two lines. They are on opposite sides of the transversal and inside the pair of lines. group
Congruent n/a Angles that have the same measure. group
Consecutive Exterior n/a Pairs of angles formed when a transversal intersects two lines. They are on the same side of the transversal and outside the pair of lines. group
Consecutive Interior n/a Pairs of angles formed when a transversal intersects two lines. They are on the same side of the transversal and inside the pair of lines. group
Corresponding n/a Pairs of angles formed when a transversal intersects two lines. They are on the same side of the transversal and in corresponding positions. group
Non-adjacent Complementary n/a Either of two non-adjecent angles whose sum is 90 degrees. group
Non-adjacent Explementary Conjugate Either of two non-adjecent angles whose sum is 360 degrees. group
Non-adjacent Supplementary n/a Either of two non-adjacent angles whose sum is 180 degrees. group
Central n/a An angle whose vertex is at the center of a circle. position
Inscribed n/a An angle formed by two chords in a circle with its vertex on the circle. position
Related n/a A general term used for pairs of angles with a common vertex, which can include various angle relationships. position
Adjacent Complementary n/a Either of two adjecent angles whose sum is 90 degrees. related
Adjacent Explementary n/a Either of two adjecent angles whose sum is 360 degrees. related
Adjacent Supplementary Linear Pair Either of two adjecent supplementary angles. related
Vertically Opposite Vertical A pair of non-adjacent angles formed by the intersection of two straight lines and are opposite to each other. They have equal measures and will never form a linear pair. related
Concave n/a An angle with some of its interior points outside the polygon it forms. shape
Convex n/a An angle with all its interior points inside the polygon it forms. shape
Dihedral n/a The angle between two intersecting planes. shape
Exterior n/a An angle formed by one side of a polygon and the extension of an adjacent side. shape
Exterior Right n/a An angle formed by an extended side of a polygon and an adjacent side at a right angle. shape
Interior n/a Angles formed within the boundary of a polygon. shape
Reflex Interior n/a An angle greater than 180 degrees within a polygon. shape
Spherical n/a An angle formed by two intersecting great circles on a sphere. shape

The last time I mentioned geometry on this blog was back in 2007. It's a story about how I solved an "impossible" geometry problem on a technicality.

Friday, September 15, 2023

DVD from Netflix25 at the end of an era

#DVDNetflix25 at the end of an era from a company that literally changed society twice within two decades. ( was the best way to bypass the streaming wars.)

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

My friend bought me this Coke over 8 years ago at work ~ I've kept it this whole time just to see what would happen



 I've kept it this whole time just to see what would happen to it. It's been an interesting evolution from pristine bottle of Coke to this warped and transparent near-work-of-art today. But, alas, its time has come to an end as it's now time to pass Coke Matt along to the gods.

Monday, August 28, 2023

OMG! Meteor


Allie and I spotted this meteor while driving with headlights on while going down a well-lit road.  It was a nice surprise.  Of course, the meteor was a lot brighter to our eyes and what the camera actually saw.

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Tour of the Solar System News, from Mercury to outer limits of the Solar System

 Let's take another tour of the Solar System with current news about each of our major objects.

Mercury Dramatic Flyby Confirms That Mercury's Radioactive Aurora Touches the Ground, backup link and source material.

VenusThe Founder of OceanGate Wants to Send 1,000 People to Colonize Venus, backup link.

Earth Why Nasa is exploring the deepest oceans on Earth, backup link.

Mars Mars helicopter Ingenuity breaks 3-month flight gap with 53rd Red Planet hop. backup link.

Ceres The Dwarf Planet on Our Doorstep, backup link.

Jupiter James Webb Space Telescope sees Jupiter moons in a new light, backup link.

Saturn 100-year 'megastorms' on Saturn shower the ringed planet in ammonia rain, backup link.

Uranus NASA's New Horizons will investigate Uranus from the rear (Neptune, too). Here's how you can help, backup link.

NeptuneNeptune's Disappearing Clouds Linked to the Solar Cycle, backup link.

Pluto None Of Pluto's Five Moons Actually Orbit The Dwarf Planet, backup link.

Haumea NASA Studies Origins of ‘Weird’ Solar System Object: Dwarf Planet Haumea, backup link.

Makemake - The Dwarf Planet Named for an Easter Island Fertility God, backup link.

Eris -  Meet the Solar System's five, backup link.

Quaoar - Dwarf planet Quaoar has a ring instead of a moon, and scientists don't know why, backup link.

Orcus The Dwarf Planet Orcus, backup link.

Salacia As big as Ceres, but much farther away, backup link.

Gonggong - First dwarf planet in solar system named after Chinese mythical figure, backup link.

Sedna 2029 will be the perfect year to launch a mission to Sedna, backup link.

Saturday, August 05, 2023

Possible resurrection of the landing page

In the early days of the internet, landing pages were often little more than menus that website visitors use to navigate to different pages and sites. Software at the time also heavily relied on menu-based interfaces. Even the most expensive applications had very simple menus as their landing page, often called "main menu".

However, for decades, forcing users into a main menu or other landing page has been considered bad user interface design. Menus were moved from the opening screen to the top bar, bottom bar, and even along the sides of the window/screen. For a long time, applications would open directly into the application's workspace, where users would then navigate menus to open files. Similarly, websites commonly started directly on the content page, with navigation moved to the sidebar.

About ten years ago, user interface design started to shift back to special pages for operational activities such as opening documents. Let's call these collectively as "operations pages." Microsoft Office returned to the idea of a special page for operations in recent versions, though these pages are optional. Other applications also now have operations pages that are not optional.  (These are sometimes called splash pages.) The interfaces of these operations pages vary quite a bit from application to application, with many applications (including Office applications) trying to use all the extra real estate to provide some additional functionality.


In 2016, Linktree came along and rebranded the old-fashioned landing page. It was created because social media websites don't allow their users to place more than one website in their profile pages. Linktree hosts a page that acts as a personal landing page for all of your various social media profiles. Linktree is a bit fancier than what was used in the 1980s and 1990s, but functionally identical from the perspective of the website visitor. From the perspective of the Linktree's customer, it provides some useful services for a fee (such as tracking visitor data).

There are now other Link in Bio hosting services as well.


In 2023, WordPress is finally getting into this game with WordPress supports the creation of a landing page that looks very similar to Linktree's concept. The advantage of WordPress' solution is that users can self-host their landing page. Even with self-hosting, WordPress still offers some useful services for a fee.

However, for users who are already self-hosting and don't need those additional services, there's no need to use Linktree, WordPress, or any other "Link in Bio" services. You can just make your own landing page with relatively few lines of code in an HTML file.

fcsuper's place

I've literally been using a landing page from day-one on my website (since mid-aughties).  I'm sure many of my visitors over the years sneered when they arrived upon my original landing page.  My original landing page was ugly, but functional.

After seeing the concept of the landing page undergoing a resurrection, I decided it was time to refresh my own. My new landing page has been active for a few months. It was modernized to be flexible, allowing it to display correctly on both phones and computers. It's still very simple, but it has some previews of content. It has no ads (yet) and no tracking. It's literally just a menu of my personal web across the internet.

However, this has now led me to a new thought. Should I make two landing pages: one for my truly personal activities, and one for my career-related activities? I guess I'll figure that out soon enough.

Wednesday, July 05, 2023

I'm enjoying the new sensation of Just Ice Tea

I'm enjoying the new sensation of Just Ice Tea, now that Honest Tea is mostly gone. Somehow, the creators of Honest Tea have improved on their creations with their new brand Just Ice Tea.

Thank you @eatthechange for the surprise gift box full of goodies, including flavors of Just Ice Tea that I didn't know existed. My fav is still Honey Green Tea, but I'm not going to limit myself to just one.

(I wasn't paid or expected to do anything for my gift box.)

Monday, June 26, 2023

Update on the countries and states I've visited

 The number of countries I've visited is still scant, but I added a whole new continent to my list in 2019.

Coverage within the US has expanded a little too, as of 2022.

My coverage within Canada last expanded in 2019 too.

My Mexico coverage hasn't expanded in more than a few years.

Monday, May 08, 2023

Some experiences at 3DXPERIENCE World 2023

Here's some photos of experiences at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2023, in reverse order from last at the top to first at the bottom.  Plenty of end-users, coworkers and other business associates; and plenty of interesting sites.  I thought about posting these up on my SOLIDWORKS Legion blog.  However, these are my personal experiences at the work event, and my personal blog is better suited for a photo album such as this.  Also, many (not all)  of these photos appear on my Instagram feed.  I've included a link to the first photo in this list for a hook to when these were posted.