Monday, September 20, 2004

Barry Bonds flashes a smile

My dad and I had great seats only 4 rows up from the dugout.  He's the big Giants fan, so I treated him to Sat's game.  From our seats (before the game) I walked down to just get a shot of the players in the dugout, but the usher held me back. I was like, "ookay".  He finally let me go down, but told me,
"Be ready. Have your camera on; have your finger on the button to take the shot. Walk down, take the shot and come right back up." 
Again, I'm wondering what's the big deal, but I comply.  I walk down to find Barry Bonds chatting. OK, so that's the big deal!  Barry is right here!  Without hesitation, I snap this shot.  Just as I'm snapping the shot, I notice Barry glance very quickly at my camera, then look back at the person he was talking to.  Besides looking at my camera for that split second, he ignored me, but I thanked him anyhow.  I then got a picture of the dugout that I originally wanted.

I didn't know Barry Bonds actually smiled at the camera during his glance until I zoomed-in on the photo on my photo-printer's preview screen!  How the hell did he time the glance and smile so well?!  I didn't even know when I was going to snap the shot myself!  Wow.  So, now I have a picture of Barry Bonds smiling at me, and all I wanted was a picture of the dugout.  lol  Hey, Mr. Bonds, thanks again; my dad loves the photo! Posted by Hello


Jason Marcuson said...

I think you may have one of the only existing photos of Barry Bonds smiling! Nice work.

fcsuper said...

LOL Thanks! This was the day after he hit #700, so maybe he was in a good mood. :)

Anonymous said...

What a hot photo of Barry! This is my new background. Thanks!