Monday, September 27, 2004

Its about time stylized films are getting made (Sky Captain)

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is a thoroughly fun film. It’s seems many people willfully don’t understand it. This isn’t a movie were Luke Skywalker cries about Princess Leia’s broken nail. This is a stylized, plot driven, sci-fi action flick in the tradition of the 1930’s Flash Gordon serial films. Paltrow and Law performed nearly flawlessly in their roles. Their acting is wooden and one-dimensional because the characters they are playing are intentionally wooden and one-dimensional. It’s part of the style of the movie. It amazes me some people can’t handle a full length stylized movie, but love even more heavily stylized (and damn near pointless) music videos. Turn off your need to see Luke Skywalker learning about himself when you go see this movie. It’s not a character development movie. It’s a movie that is just fun, which is exactly what it is meant to be. Ok, I’m done with the rant. LOL
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow succeeds where the Star Wars Prequels fail. Sky Captain creates a whole world through concise story telling, and a clear use of visual and acting styles. Star Wars uses a similar approach, but not nearly so well because the stories a just too crowded and compressed; with way too many characters. However, I must credit Lucas with one thing. Without the Star Wars Prequels, Sky Captain prolly would not have been created. I hope this is the beginning of a new movie era were more stylized films are made. I wouldn’t want every movie to be heavy on style and short on character development. However, for some stories, style is more important than character, and I hope Hollywood can now make such films with that in mind. Sky Captain is one example of just one style. The are many other styles out there just waiting to be explored!

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