Saturday, September 18, 2004

Giants Game; Bonds #701

I can tell my dad really liked seeing the Giants at SBC Park. This was his first time seeing his favorite team play in person...and his first time at SBC Park. We got to see Barry Bonds hit home run #701. To bad we didn't get to see the 700 (which happened last night). Oh well, it was a treat either way. The Giants did lose though. :( The Giants pitcher (Shmitz I think) started out strong, but faded in the 4 inning; first allowing a tie game, them giving up 4 more runs later.
We had great seats, 4 rows up from behind the Giants dugout near home plate. I would've liked being on the visitor site so I could heckle the Padres a bit more. ::evil grin:: I had a lot of fun at the game. I'm glad my dad did too.
After the long drive back to my parents' home from the game, I'm beat. I might visit my cuz and her family later. They live a few of blocks away (but not quite close enough to walk). But for now, I just wanna relax/recoop.

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