Monday, September 27, 2004

Friday busy day

The sail boat race on Friday evening was a disaster for our team, Spitfire. We got a late start, had bad positioning on the course, and our main competitor performed flawlessly. Spitfire was in the lead in the racing series, but because we performed so badly in this final race, we lost the lead in the series. Chalk up another 2nd place in yet another racing series. Yeah, I’m disappointed.

After showering and changing, I picked up my g/f around 9:00pm. Instead of going to the Cheesecake Factory, we went to a good Persian restaurant just down the street from her place. It was nice to have a relaxing diner in a quiet atmosphere.

After dinner, we met up with Jenn and Miriam in downtown San Jose at the Mission Ale House. Miriam picked the spot where we were supposed to meet up. So, while my g/f and I are waiting for her at the Mission Ale House, I get an apologetic call from her. Well, when she told me Mission Ale House, she actually meant Tied House. Well, either way, Jenn and her finally joined us at the Mission Ale House. :-) However, we didn’t stay more than 45 minutes. For some reason, the drinks all tasted like cough syrup that night. Yuk. So, we met up with friends from the French Union (Miriam’s former co-workers from HP, who all happen to be French and who all live and hang out together, so we call them the French Union). It was at this place called The Vault. It’s a little posh, and a bit yuppie-ish. Those aren’t complaints, at least, not to me. But those are complaints to Jenn. We tried to go to this other place afterwards, but stopped off at this one Irish pub instead. We kinda got stuck there, just cracking each other up, laughing our heads off about whatever (Bee-nod). We even got a double laugh snort…one from Jenn that trigger one from Miriam. Bonus! LOL

At about 1:30am, Jenn and Miriam went to eat and meet up with some of Jenn’s friends, including Bee-nod. My g/f and I called it a night.

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