Thursday, September 23, 2004

I can feel the religious fueled oppression building

We are going down the path of religious fueled oppression in the U.S. Christian fundamentalist (neoconservative) have been positioning themselves in key positions all over government at all levels. They are intolerant to change (improvement) and lack the ability to accept others who do not share in their brand of religion. They purposefully (wrongfully) imagine that our country was founded on their ideas of religion. Our country was founded on Free Mason principles, not fundamentalism. From what I understand, Free Mason principles involve religious tolerance, with an understanding that no single believe system is the only way. This is where the 1st Amendment comes from in the first place.
Despite the religious backlash against the progress that our country has made in the past four decades, people are still removing themselves from the churches at an ever increasing pace. Two increasing minorities are forming: People who don't believe in religion but believe in God; and atheists. Sooner or later, people in these developing minorities are going to have to defend their rights as a group. As the neoconservatives continue to consolidate power, their methods, goals and actions will grow more oppressive, with more overt bigotry. This is the same path that the Nazi party followed as it slowly took over the Germany government under Hitler.
I'm confident that the U.S. population and political landscape are too diverse to allow this to go too far. But even what is happening now might be considered going to far. I know the acceptance of the bigotry I've seeing so far is damn annoying to me.

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