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Friday, January 12, 2018

#Tobzilla is fairly certain that the construction going on nextdoor ...

via Instagram

...poses an immediate and imminent threat that needs to be scared away with many mighty #barks #ratterrierlovers #ratterrierworld #ratterrier #ratterriers #ratters #ratteriersofinstagram #terrier #doggie #dog #canine #protecter #patio #broomfield #broomfieldco #colorado #frontrange #denvermetroarea #denvermetro #winter #winterday #wintertime

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Stereotypes from the early aughties (2000-2004) in America

  • No one had beards, unless they were from cultures that requirement them.
  • Cell phones only had digital readouts, and only had actual numeric 10-key pads. Although Treos come out in 2003 with full Internet, full QWERTY keypad, color touch screens, (pretty much iPhone 5's without the fancy hi-res screen; yes, Treo 300 in 2003 out featured iPhones being released in 2010). 
  • Terrorism was the boogie man for everything.  (Still is, actually.)
  • Texting was done with a special kind of pager with a QWERTY keypad or very clumsily on 10-key pad phones that happened to have texting function built-in. Traditional pagers still existed, but mostly used by drug dealers and doctors by this point.
  • No plaid, unless you lived in the mountains. No flashy patterns, either.
  • Low-rise jeans.
  • eBay was a thing back then.
  • Blockbuster stores were very popular...this is a few years before Netflix's first golden age.
  • There were still different types of gaming stores before Game Stop bought them all out.
  • Gearing up for war with Iraq. Blind patriotism was still rampant.
  • Simpsons reruns played in 1.5hr blocks on network TV.
  • Trend of kids bring dropped off and picked up at school every day by their parents had just started.
  • You had an option between Borders, Walden Books and Barnes & Noble for well stocked chain book stores.
  • Laptops were still kinda luxury items.
  • Kids enjoying Green Day had no idea that Green Day was a 90's band.

What do you remember?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Snowy day, ugh

Today is the first really bad snowy day for Eastern Massachusetts this winter (2014-2015).  It's not the fun and somewhat enjoyable light flurry.  The snow is the annoying wet kind.  It pelts you almost as harshly as rain, and gets you almost as wet.  The snow is also annoying because it really puts a damper on the weekend (today is Saturday). Although snow is just as annoying on weekdays, at least there is can be used as an excuse to work-from-home.  On the weekend, you're just stuck at home.  Ugh.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

reddit, the poorly organized and nearly unsearchable appendix of The Internet...but Yeah me!

Ah, reddit, you allusive self-proclaimed front page of the Internet.  Instead, I would prolly characterize reddit as the Internet's poorly organized and nearly unsearchable appendix.  However, there is something addictive about its format and engagement.  You may have the intent to only check reddit out for 5 minutes, but that 5 minutes can easily turn to 2 hours.  I enjoy redditting from time to time.  Not often enough to really know how to game the system for karma, but often enough.

The other day, I finally was able to do something amazing.  A link that I posted actually made it to the "front page" and even the top spot of a major subreddit called /r/funny.  I also made it all the way up to page two of the reddit home page with default categories.  If you don't know what that means, don't worry about it.  It's just something that is hard to do on reddit.  The Holy Grail is to actually make it to the "front page" of reddit's home page with default categories.  I missed that mark ever so slightly.  Oh well.  What does this matter?  Well, you know, Internet points!  Anyway, I'm just here chronicling this achievement in my journal.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fake Geek Girls Vs. Real Geek Girls? Really, this??

An interesting meme is making its rounds on the Internet. There seems to be a bunch of hoopla about “fake geek girls”. What’s a fake geek girl? Apparently Urban Dictionary doesn’t have an entry for it yet (as of today, anyway). Umm, I did find a definition at some site called Geek Feminism Weekly (whatever that’s supposed to mean…kinda sounds like random words thrown together that only vaguely represent what it really is, similar to California Pizza Kitchen.) Anyway, their definition for fake geek girl is:
Fake geek girls - allegedly women who show up at geek events, possibly while hot, with not enough geek cred for you.
This all seems to have started with an article on Forbes (Really, Forbes? Yes, Forbes.) called Dear Fake Geek Girls: Please Go Away. In this article, the author talks about being a “geeky girl” growing up and how she now sees “pretentious females” now posing as geeks when they haven’t put the time in to justify the claim.

What’s with all the hate? In fact, why are girls singled out as being fake geeks (especially by other woman) for being posers? I think a commenter on a recent article by @Mikeynerd says it well (article: Fake Geek Girls),
The Fake Geek Girl thing bugs me. Because I do feel there is an underlying sexism at play.
If someone is a poser, then it doesn’t matter if they are a woman or man. But, is it even bad to be a poser? Isn’t a poser just someone whose trying to figure out what everyone else already knows? Aren’t they really an outcast too? As outcasts trying to fit it, doesn’t that make them more geeky (since being a social outcast is technically a major component of geekdom)? The answers to this series of rhetorical questions are as follows: no, yes, yes, and yes.
May your journey to higher geekdom find much success!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Driving to work this morning, saved by the bell and other things

Commute today was very light into work. Of course, all the time I saved this morning will be taken back in holiday traffic on the drive home.

On a lighter side, since the traffic was so light, cars were moving above the speed limit.  Waze proved to be very valuable in noting locations where cops were waiting to catch speeders.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Kimball Farm in Littleton, PA

A popular attraction just outside of the MetroWest area is Kimball Farm.  It's an outdoor family entertainment place with great seafood, driving range, batting cages, famous miniature golf (designed by some Hollywood types, so I hear), arcade, bumper boats, and even more famous ice cream, oh and a few farm animals too...and don't forget the iconic weather vane.  My wife and I had a chance to enjoy the "farm" several times this summer, but only really explored it at a company event held there.  The miniature gold course is one of the best I've seen in terms of creativity.  There's even one hole that pretty much requires you to float your ball down a stream in order to have a chance at getting a hole-in-one.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

No clouds come

For whatever reason, when there's not a cloud in the sky in Massachusetts, there really isn't any cloud, even contrails. That always seems wierd to this California transplant.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jumpin Jack sign on Highway 495 Southbound

There's a modest sign on the roadside of Highway 495 South, about halfway between Highways 2 and 111. It is simple, with an American flag, and the words "Jumpin Jack". I've wondered what Jumpin Jack was.

Well, he turns out to be a beloved local truck driver named Jack Albert McPhail, a local hero that died while saving others on fateful winter day in March 2007. The story was originally carried by the Boston Herald, but is no longer available.   I was able to track down a Boston Globe article on  It does not mention the nick name "Jumpin Jack".  An obituary still appears on this trucker's forum. It's a good read about the man who was apparently well liked in his community.

For anyone that can safely use Facebook on the road (i.e., a passenger of a car) while passing this sign on 495 S, I've added a place to Facebook to check-in at this location called Jumpin Jack Memorial, classified as a local business under Highway. Facebook is a little odd on how it handles places added by common users, so you may have to search a bit for it (which is why you should be a passenger to attempt the check-in).