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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Today I just heard the phase "every mushroom cloud as a silver lining" twice from difference sources

Today I just heard the phase "every mushroom cloud has a silver lining" twice from two difference channels on Youtube in different contexts, though both referring to atmospheric nuclear explosions.  One source (11/23/20) was ranting about the ill effects of religious extremism, while the other was talking about how wine vintages from before 1945 cannot be faked today due to worldwide radiation contamination from all the nuclear explosions from WWII and the Cold War (11/22/20). It's a strange phrase to heard twice in one day.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Slower Than Usual Shooting Star

Slow Shooting Star - © 2020 Matthew Lorono
I just happened to see a shooting star as I walked out to my backyard while taking the dogs outside.  At first, I caught a glimpse of a light in the sky above me and thought it was a plane.  I quickly realized it was a shooting star as I looked up to see the streak across the sky.  The shooting star had a burst-head that was followed by a long white line which momentarily marked the night sky just above where Mars appears.  

The streak was much longer than usual and started in the East and weirdly headed almost perfectly West.  This shooting star was also a bit slower and more long lasting that other shooting stars I've seen, though it still dissipated very quickly.  I was also surprized that the shooting star was so visible, given the wisps of clouds and the suburban light pollution.  

Friday, January 03, 2020

Today I spotted a Bird Watcher that spotted something bald

On my regular commute to work through Broomfield this morning, I spotted a warmly dressed man who faced the wrong way on the wrong side of a bus stop shelter. I then spotted that he was looking through a photo camera with a rather large zoom lens.  He appeared to be looking North at something above the horizon, but not in the sky.  Something about all this said "bird watcher!" to me.

Example of Bald Eagle
(Illustrative proposes only)
I'm driving my car in moving traffic, so I wasn't inclined to just start looking intently off into the distance in a direction that was not the road in front of me.  As quickly as I could, I followed his view line and saw the tops of trees in an open space, about 40 yards from the road.  Yup.  Bird watcher.  I look back to the road ahead.  Then, as quickly as I could, I looked at the tree tops to scan for a perched bird shape.  Yup, something large.  ::Look at the road::  I glanced back at that shape.  Bald Eagle!  I double-take to make sure.  Yup!  I briefly consider the notion of stopping my car on the side of the road to get my own rough phone camera shot, but there was no good spot to conveniently stop, and the traffic was moving rather fast.  So, I caught a couple more glimpses of this critter before continuing my day.

I haven't see a Bald Eagle in this area for several years.  It was nice to see one again, minding its own business; not minding the humans.  Hey, Bald Eagle, please eat as many of the prairie dogs and rabbits as you like!  There's too many for the coyotes and foxes around here.