Friday, February 22, 2002

Middle of the Day

I originally e-mailed this to a friend, and just thought it was a good thought for my blog too:

"...Ahhh, all these engineers, even the kids fresh out of school, are polo-ified. arg. Scary lot. At this point, I don't know how any guy would think they look good. yuk. What is the point of having a shirt with buttons only at the top. It's like a Kmart or "As-seen-on-TV" item that just kinda hung around well past its time. "You too can have this combination button-up/t-shirt for the new low low price of 19.95. Just look at all the thangs you can do in your new polo style shirts. Available in navy blue, salmon, yellow, trendy lime green, pink, orange and now in macintosh apple red for you artists out there. Order now, supplies are limited!" LOL Out of all these guys, one is wearing a decent looking one that attempts to look good, but it's no is a polo after all. LOL Just a slice of my day for ya. :)"

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