Thursday, January 02, 2003

Winter vacation holiday thangy...

Spent much of xmas with friends family. It was cool. Nice dinner. I went to Santa Barbara with a couple of friends for the weekend. Sat was ok, but Sunday was great. It was very relaxing. Spent the third night at my parents place. Headed back to San Jose over Mt. Hamilton. That's a fun road to drive. :)

The party was good. Not a rager or anything of course. 9 people, with two sleep-overs. (I finished getting the house cleaned up just in time.) Some friends came up from Monterey County, and my cuzins and their friends came too. It was fun. Caught the fireworks on TV. Only one guy got smashed. lol Then yesterday, I took my cuzin back to my aunt's place and visited with them for awhile.

I'm tired still today...thought about not coming in to work. ::yawn:: But I did. What was I thinking?

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