Friday, October 31, 2003

Season's First Rain

I woke up early at my friend's place today, and hadn't been home since the previous morning for various reasons. I left around 5:30am. The instant I walked outside, I felt the cold morning. It has been a long time since the last cool morning because our area had a very hot summer that ended abruptly just yesterday. As I walked to my car, the season's first rain started. A few tiny sprinkles landed on me.
On the drive home, the rain picked up a little bit. The wind shield was fairly dirty from a long road trip two days ago. The wiper fluid isn't persistent enough to really get off much of the built up road grim, so the rain was allowing me to really clean my wind shield with my wipers.
When I got home and stepped out of my car, the aroma of the seasons's first rain hit me. I filled my lungs with the sweet, rain fresh, crisp morning air. It's been too long since the last of such experiences.
I really enjoyed the long hot summer. I appreciate it more because it is going to allow me to enjoy the relief of a shout cool fall.

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