Thursday, April 08, 2004

Selling DVD's on eBay

Some how I end up with extra DVD's for various reasons. I may replace an older version of a DVD with newer Special Editions. Columbia House may send me an extra DVD that they didn't get on the bill. Or I buy more than one copy of a DVD without realizing it. So what do I do? I sell them on eBay.

Selling used DVD's on eBay is pretty fun. I've sold every item. DVD's seem to be the hot item on eBay right now. eBay has made it particularly easy with their use of Muse, so you don't have to manually enter descriptions of the movies.

I'm not making any real money. For the most part, these are used DVD's. They arguably have value higher than for what I usually sell them. I've seen used DVD's sell for almost new prices in used DVD/CD stores.

One thang I recently discovered is the Media Mail rate is much lower for packages than standard rates. That means you can ship a DVD for $1.42. I get a 90 cent Certificate of Mailing to confirm the item was mailed. I can ship the DVD for $2.32. Most sellers on eBay try to gouge the customer by charging 5 dollars for shipping.

I've been experimenting with not even charging for shipping. So far, I haven't lost money on any of my recent transactions (not counting the market value of the used DVD). I'm not sure I can use this strategy when I sell new DVD's though. I generally need to charge for s/h to cover the difference of what I paid for the DVD and the selling price on eBay. It's prolly not worth it to sell new DVD's from my collection, unless I get them for free or at sever discount.

So, there's my thoughts about selling DVD's on eBay. :)

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