Friday, October 29, 2004

Comment about Bush

I figured I might as well make a brief comment about Bush.
Bush Jr. failed to fulfill his duties as President of the United States of American. Bush Jr. has simply bungled in ways that would have led to impeachment several times over in normal circumstances. Being wrong about his reasoning for war demands impeachment. Either he lied to the American people (showing he is immortal and unpatriotic), or he didn't do his job and determine his was being lied too (showing he isn't fit for office). If the latter is true, he has allowed the world's only Super Power to be used like a homeless hooker by Iraqi dissidents, the U.K., and related Oil interests to fulfill their own selfish lusts. Through this, he has weaked our country in the most ridiculous fashion. Sorry, I'm not interested in any more of his excuses. I'm interested in making American truly strong again.


wonderful_electric said...

Strange. Over here in the UK, we feel like we've been used by the USA just to pretend that the war is international.

FCSuper said...

Well, British Intelligence is the source of the majority of the mis-information. Whatever their populous might believe, their government pushed the bad data, and Bush was more than happily accepted because it feed into his fantasies. Who is using who again?

wonderful_electric said...

*scratches head* Interesting. Over here, it's our perception that aside from that ludicrous 45-minute claim, most of the British intelligence came via America, or some thesis written in the last century. Can you please point me to any news links about this? :)