Thursday, June 29, 2006


Ok, so here's the movies I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the year (and into next year): Click here. I've just noticed that most of the movies on my list are action or thrillers (non-horror) of some sort. It was just a few of years ago when there was a lot of good movies out in other genres, even documentaries. Last year, most movies either completely sucked or just weren't up to par. I've enjoyed movie going this year a bit more, but it does seem that many movies just don't have the same story quality as years past. It is as though fewer people know how to write a movie anymore. Or many that so many movies are being made these days, the quality writers are getting lost in the sea of crappy writers. Producers and directors used to blame the studios are hacking movies up, causing them ruin. These days, I think many movies are just crappy from the start. I think this is why Action movies are still holding their own, for now. There's not much writing involved.


Kimy said...

YAWN!!! What no chick flicks? Are you single or what? What's up with super heros in tights?


(who is thinking this post should be titled Homo instead of Homer--D'oh!)

FCSuper said...

Funny. I limit my female friends to 1 chick flick a year (each), with no roll overs. lol What usually happens is they try to save it up for a really good (bad) chick flick, but never get around to cashing in because they wait too long. hehe