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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Stopped in L.A.

While running around L.A. with Allie after SOLIDWORKS World 2017, I was approached twice over the weekend in early February.

We were queued for a ride at an amusement part.  The guy behind Allie and I got my attention and asked, "Are you in a recent movie?  I feel like I've seen you somewhere."  Now, if I had been such a D-list star that someone kinda recognized me but didn't know for sure, I might have been mildly insulted.  But, as it turns how, I am not a star.  I'm just a guy that gets mistaken for other people from time to time.  Instead, I'm mildly amused.  Sorry, no point in getting a photo with me or having my autograph.
The next day, Allie and I were walking along Venice Beach.  We had just spotted Emma Roberts on the walk down to the beach, but she looked busy on the phone as she rushed into a wardrobe trailer.  Anyway, down on Venice Beach, this one guy road up to us on his bike.  He didn't recognize me so much as he recognized the shirt I wore.  It was a t-shirt from SOLIDWORKS World 2017.  He is a SOLIDWORKS user who didn't get to go to the conference this year even though it was in L.A.  The conversation was pleasant, but soon enough, Allie and I were on our way down the beach again.

Of course, as an employee of Dassault Systemes that supports the development of SOLIDWORKS products, I expect to be approached at the SOLIDWORKS World 2017 conference.  However, SOLIDWORKS is well enough known that anyone wearing the company shirts or even t-shirts will be approached from time to time just for that alone.  I actually try to avoid wearing the actual company shirts when travelling or attending any nonwork event.  You'll never know when someone will approach you to talk shop, not that I mind all the much.  It's just nice to keep the universes separate when I'm out with my wife or focused on getting somewhere.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

New to Colorado; today got new auto plates, registered to vote and voted

Today, I'm about as much of a Colorado resident as I can be without getting my driver's license switched over.  The process to get Colorado plates for an out-of-state car is not painful, but it does have an extra step I've never seen before.  You have to get something called a VIN Verification form filled out by either a licenced auto dealer, licenced emissions checker or an officer of the law.  So, Allie and I went to the police station to ask an officer to fill out the form for our cars.  Fortunately, the DMV was in the same property, so we immediately went there from the police station.  In between the police station and the DMV was a voting station.  Apparently today, there just happens to be a ballot measure called BB which asks Coloradans what they want to do with all the extra marijuana tax revenue.  So, after we got out of DMV with our new licence plates, we walked over to the voting station.  We registered to vote.  We then voted.  All this, and there is still plenty of daylight remaining to enjoy the rest of the day.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dinner with cuzins @ Santana Row

Get together with my cuzins at The Counter in Santana Row.  It was great catching up. Too bad we only got to spend a couple of hours with them in February.  

Here's a bit of trivia.  In the photo above, who's the only person without at least 1/4th Asian descent?  Here's a clue.  It's not nearly as obvious as you might think.

Saturday, January 17, 2015


My wife and I are at the grocery store. She just walked up to the ginger inbetween two older gentlemen looking for various other vegetables and things.  One gentlemen almost immediately asks here for advice on how to pick good ginger.  I can only presume he felt comfortable/secure in asking her because she is Chinese American.  He thanked her and moved on with his fine pick of ginger.

Then immediately, the other gentlemen engaged her in a conversation about her heritage,  Chinese language, etc.  I didn't interfere because it was more adorable than anything.

We finally broke away with our fine pick of ginger.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Who needs privacy?

Allie said just now, "I don't know why people post everything on Facebook. ...there's no privacy." I couldn't help but post this quote on Facebook just to be ironic.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Portland, ME

Allie and had a nice weekend in Portland, ME in Sept.  Beautiful town with friendly people, fresh seafood and nice weather.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

SeaWorld Orlando is moderately disappointing

My memories of SeaWorld San Diego have jaded my experience at SeaWorld Orlando.  I actually went to SeaWorld Orlando with high expectations.  Everything just seems smaller in the Orlando, FL version of the SeaWorld theme park franchise.  Even trying to find a cool t-shirt with "SeaWorld Orlando" provided to be difficult.  I will say that the two rollercoasters are actually well designed and fun.  Anyway, here's some photos of me and Allie's day there.

Manatee Dolphin show iii Yeah, eating from Shamu's belly Orca show x Orca show viiii SeaWorld Shark adventure

Friday, November 09, 2012

Praying Mantis

Found this little guy on top of a trashcan in Wellesley.  Didn't seem to be doing much, but it did take notice when my wife and I took a few shots.  It's kinda creepy to have a bug watch you while you are watching it.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Grist Mill

A few weeks ago, Allie and I spent an afternoon on a short drive around the area to catch Autumn near its peak in MetroWest.  It's a beauty place near Wayland Inn just off of Highway 20.  It was just past peak, but still very beautiful.