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Sunday, July 09, 2017

Updated States Travelled List

I've travelled to a few more places in North America recently.  Here's my updated map of US:

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Stopped in L.A.

While running around L.A. with Allie after SOLIDWORKS World 2017, I was approached twice over the weekend in early February.

We were queued for a ride at an amusement part.  The guy behind Allie and I got my attention and asked, "Are you in a recent movie?  I feel like I've seen you somewhere."  Now, if I had been such a D-list star that someone kinda recognized me but didn't know for sure, I might have been mildly insulted.  But, as it turns how, I am not a star.  I'm just a guy that gets mistaken for other people from time to time.  Instead, I'm mildly amused.  Sorry, no point in getting a photo with me or having my autograph.
The next day, Allie and I were walking along Venice Beach.  We had just spotted Emma Roberts on the walk down to the beach, but she looked busy on the phone as she rushed into a wardrobe trailer.  Anyway, down on Venice Beach, this one guy road up to us on his bike.  He didn't recognize me so much as he recognized the shirt I wore.  It was a t-shirt from SOLIDWORKS World 2017.  He is a SOLIDWORKS user who didn't get to go to the conference this year even though it was in L.A.  The conversation was pleasant, but soon enough, Allie and I were on our way down the beach again.

Of course, as an employee of Dassault Systemes that supports the development of SOLIDWORKS products, I expect to be approached at the SOLIDWORKS World 2017 conference.  However, SOLIDWORKS is well enough known that anyone wearing the company shirts or even t-shirts will be approached from time to time just for that alone.  I actually try to avoid wearing the actual company shirts when travelling or attending any nonwork event.  You'll never know when someone will approach you to talk shop, not that I mind all the much.  It's just nice to keep the universes separate when I'm out with my wife or focused on getting somewhere.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Second time in Dallas this year

I've been to Dallas, TX twice this year, now.  Both trips were for business.  The first trip was for SOLIDWORKS World 2016.  I'm always very busy for each SOLIDWORKS World convention, so there's not much time to explore on my own.  This time around I was attending ASME Y Committee meetings.  I was able to do a bit more exploring, but not much.

While wondering around, I found this eyeball.  Even many locals don't seem to know that this thing exists and that it is in Downtown.

I also visited the Reunion Tower again to get some great photos of points of interest in Dallas.

Dealey Plaza, location of President Kennedy's assassination

Highrises of the skyline of Downtown Dallas, TX

There were a number of good restaurants that were enjoyed on various days, such as Wild SalsaTruFire Kitchen & Bar and recent local favorite Hard Eight.

On thing to note is that it's not easy getting around the Dallas area without getting dinged for tolls.  In the week I was there, I racked up almost $20 in tolls by just driving around between places I needed to be. That is a bit annoying, especially since I have my navigation app set to avoid tolls.

The weather was great, particularly so far along into Fall.  I didn't need a jacket or long sleeve shirt at any time.

Due to a sudden opening in my schedule, I did find some time to visit Arlington Museum of Art.  I found it moderately interesting, but overall it was a bit underwhelming.  The most interesting works I found there were by Charmaine Locke, but not much was available to view.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Seattle, yet again.

Seattle is always a great place to visit.  Every time I travel to there, I enjoy something new.

Chihuly Garden and Glass museum near the Space Needle is wonderland of glass sculptures.

From the Space Needle, lucky sunny day gave some great views of town.

Had a great find for lunch while in Kirkland, DERU Market.  Everything was delicious.

I found an awesome trendy restaurant in downtown Seattle, called Purple Cafe & Wine Bar.  The waiter even provided me with a customized wine flight based on my dinner choices.

I made my way to the Everett  Marina while I was in the general area visiting Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Tour.  Unless you are coming out for a picnic, the marina doesn't have too much going on for a tourist visit.

View from roof of Future of Flight center.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Philbrook Museum in Tulsa, OK, surprizing find

A great find in Tulsa, OK is the Philbrook Museum.  (Other points of interest can be found previously here.)  There's actually two campuses.  The historic location is in the old Philbrook mansion in a posh neighborhood.   The other campus is downtown.  There's a pass that allows you to see both within a couple of days of each other.

There is a lot of art of various types throughout the museum, from many periods and styles, ranging from Native American, African, antiquities, and contemporary.  There's even a Picasso. I took a few photos, but I'll limit what I post here to avoid spoiling it for anyone else that finds there way here.

The Philbrook Gardens at the mansion are beautiful.  I was lucky enough to visit on a gorgeous day.