Monday, July 07, 2003

Weekend LONG!

This was a good and long weekend. I took Thursday off to make it even longer. I had lunch with Miriam on Thursday, and then in the evening I headed over to my parents cuz I was taking my day to an A's game on Friday (it's like a two hour drive, so I didn't want to drive there, and then to Oakland all in one day). We tailgated at the ballpark. I'm glad we got there early cuz the ballpark handed out some really nice caps to the first 10,000 people. See my previous blog entry for more about this day.

Anyways, got back home on Saturday, and hung out with Miriam again. I brought for Monsters Ball and Seven Year Itch DVD's to watch. Since Monsters Ball is depressing, I brought the silly 50's comedy to lighten the mode afterwards into the night. Then on Sunday, I hung out with a friend most of the day.

In between of all of this activity, I managed to watch 14 other DVD's of mine, including all 8 Star Trek movies. (Contrary to Paramont's claims, there are not 10 Star Trek movies. "Star Trek 5" and "Star Trek: Generations" do not exist. LOL) I'm still pretty far behind on watching new DVD's of mine.

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