Saturday, July 05, 2003

"Skinny Dipping Pics" and A's baseball game

It seems that my brief story about skinny dipping has stumbled my Blog into the sorted world of voyuerism on search engines. All of a sudden, I'm getting a bunch of hits from searches for the words "skinny dipping pic" or "girls skinny dipping" etc. Kinda funny, but weird too. It tempts me to actually put skinny dipping pics on my blog. LOL Yeah, I'm not doing that, but hey, it's a nice thought.

My dad and I went to the A's game today. The sun was out in full force, and the scenery complemented the weather (if you know what I mean). ::clears throat:: Great day for baseball. It was pretty much a pitchers' duel, with only one Angles score somewhere in the middle of the game. So many players on both teams were thrown out a first! It was pretty exciting cuz of all the close calls and in-field hustles.

So, before we took of for the game, my dad dawns this weird natural colored cap with a stitching of a palm on it. I'm gave him some shit for it, cuz it was a weird hat to wear to a ballgame. So while tailgating before the game, he goes to the port-a-potty and some girl there gives him shit too, telling him "The potties are for fans only!" LOL He's a Giants fan, so it was particularly funny. So when we gets back to the car and tells me this little story, I give him some money and tell him to head for the team store and come back with an A's cap. He does, and all was well. :) Too bad the A's lost though.

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