Monday, September 29, 2003

My Vote

Besides the recall vote, there's two other items on the California 2003 special election: proposition 53 and Proposition 54. I've stated before that I'm a political centralist. So here I am, faced with two highly political propositions. What's a centralist to do?
My viewpoint on Proposition 53 is that the last thing we need is more planned state government spending that takes money out of the budget. This proposition is giving our elected leaders no room to move when balancing the budget. I was very surprised to find that the Republican party of California is supporting this thing. Aren't these guys supposed to be against wild government spending? When I read the pros and cons, it just left a bad taste in my mouth to think this was even on the ballot. Yuk.
My viewpoint on Proposition 54 is that it is about time this issue is being addressed. I classify my race as American. Ethically, that is what I am. It would be nuts to break down my family lines to choose just one of my origin races as my own. The truth is that I represent none of these origin races, or maybe I represent all of them. I am walking proof of the stupidity of claiming ethnicity. Right now, I can legally claim status as a Philipino American. Look at my picture at the top left of this Blog. Do I remotely look Philipino? In a color blind society, it wouldn't even matter. I am tired of being asked about my ethnicity by the government. I want this practice stopped. I read in the cons that this proposition will hinder health care collection of data. Well, it doesn't. Even if there is some loophole where this might occur, it would be fixed by the legislature next year anyway, so this is a moot point.

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