Monday, June 21, 2004

Weekend Report with ...

Blink and No Doubt were a lot of fun. My g/f and I had a great time! I do get a kick out of the fact that they both did they ol' Let-Me-Here-You-Make-More-Noise-Than-Those-Other-Cities routine. The Blink 182 set was pretty long...maybe even too long. The No Doubt set was a little too short. A little strange, at least for this area where No Doubt is a bit more popular. Either way, the Shoreline was packed!
No Doubt did do some midset set changes and put on a fairly artsy show. Blink wowed the crowd when drummer Travis rose out of the mid audiance platform playing as hard as ever.
I ended up with one t-shirt for each group. I was a little disappointed they didn't make a combined tour t-shirt. I guess that's so you'll have to get two t-shirts if you want something from both groups.

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