Friday, June 11, 2004

Working out

Ok, so it happened, I finally started working out. Strengthwise, I was doing pretty good up until 2001/2002. I was in a couple accidents that really just sapped me of my strength. In the first one, I was rear-ended by a truck while I was stopped in traffic. That messed up my back a bit and started the ball rolling toward desending strength, but I was ok. Almost a year later, I was driving a rental pick-up. The truck had a problem where it would suddenly slip into neutral on its own. The malfunction happen while I was in a freeway entrance on a rainy day. Needless to say, I lost control. The pick-up rolled. It was totalled, and my back got more fucked up. From that time on, I was noticing myself progressively getting weaker and less agile. I've played sports and stuff since than, but I'm really now realizing how little that helped.
Well, that's all changing now. In just one week, I am feeling a substantial difference. The stronger I feel, the more I realize how far I've fallen. It's helping me feel more energized and more satisfied. I've even been hornier. lol Dare I say that I'm actually excited about how much I can improve. It's a rare event for me to use the word excited when referring to myself. I'm a pretty casual, easy going guy.
I've already got a feeling that this is a turning point for me.

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