Friday, September 17, 2004

Be-goning for Weekend


I'm goin to head directly to my parents after work tonight. I remembered
our Tahao gift and the Sea World gift for my parents; and also the remote
and cables for the DVD play I gave my cuz. Amazing, huh? Hehe
I couldn't find my gym bags, so I'm using that little suitcase that you
like. :) Wanna run away with me?
I'm not planning to tailgate tomorrow's game, so I didn't bring a cooler.
We are in the luxury seating, so I figured if we go early, we can enjoy the
posh section of the stadium instead of hanging out in the parking lot.
I plan on returning Sunday morning. We can meet up as soon as I get back, if you like. I love you...missing you. ::muah::

Bigger Loves,
Pxxx Xxxxxxxt

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