Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Learning to Ski

This last weekend, I learned to ski. I went from never skiing before to conquering the mighty bunny hill plus a mild green slop. I even got pretty good at walking around the main building in my ski boats. :) I’m not too sure what the big thrill is yet. I did have a fun time. My g/f, Dave, his Miriam and myself shared a condo that had a floor layout that kinda reminded me of the Winchester Mystery House. Dave hit up is Black Diamond runs. Miriam stuck the green runs. My g/f and myself spent the two days learning the basics of skiing. She’s skied a couple times a long time ago. We still have another day of schoolin on our ski packages, so we will likely be heading back up in March.


Mickey Glitter said...

You are so much braver than I could ever be when it comes to skiing. The reasons: 1) I watched some TV show many years ago when someone went over the edge of a cliff while skiing and the image has just stayed with me. Also, watching "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" hasn't helped much, even if Diana Rigg is super sexy in the film and 2) my ankles are shot from being sprained over and over during the two years I played basketball. Is the Winchester Mystery House as cool as it seems on TV??

FCSuper said...

Funny thang is, I've never visited the Winchester Mystery House. It's only a few miles from where I live. In fact, it's across the street from my favorite theaters where I go to watch LOTR, SW and other big movies. Maybe I should go visit it some day. hmmm. :)

FCSuper said...

Oh, and about the Skiing...there aren't any cliffs near the bunny slops. The farthest you fall is the 2 to 4 feet down from your tush to the ground. lol