Saturday, February 05, 2005

251 guys kissing

Its been awhile since Miriam and I have instigated strangers in to scandalous behavior. After we had dinner and drinks at Zuccas in downtown Mountain View, we walked down to 251. The place has changed a lot since the last time we've been there. It was all decked out in a new, mysterious yet swanky layout. Kinda cool, especially from its old image as a pool hall that was trying to be hip.

We found an old aquaintance, Darr, there with is friends at the bar. After some more drinking, I noticed two of Darr's guy buddies being a bit too close for a bit too long. Nothing sexual, just strange for two guys. So I'm all, "I get each of you guys two drinks each if you two kiss, like full on." I punctuated "two drinks" with the peace hand gesture and stressed tone for dramatic effect.

I have this strange ability to read situations without thinking about them that lead to pretty entertaining results. Last night was no exception.

Ok, so everyone starts up with the peer pressure. Miriam was like the ring leader and became the unofficial judge of what constituted a qualifying kiss.

Finally, Darr's two friends embrace each other, then break away. More peer pressure. The one guy grabs his buddy and moves in, then they crack up and break away again. So, again more "encouragement". Finally he grabs his buddy, moves in and pulls him into his arms and dips and moves him around, simulating a kiss. Miriam was not fooled.

After calling them on their fake kiss and some more encouragement, they move in on each other, pressing lip to lip in an impressive display of homosexuality that got as far as supple lip biting. I'm afraid the image of those two guys kissing and lip biting will forever be burned into my memory as pushishment for bringing up the idea. Oh the horror of it allll. LOL Anyways, the bartender was so impressed, she covered their drinks instead.

"Darr, you can never let these two live this down," I demand. He's all, "Don't worry, I'm not going to let them forget."

Ahh, fun times.

P.S., on a side note, Darr's date (the only female in his group) was giving date-like attention to another guy in the group. The odd thang was that she was kinda cute and the other guy was a bit of a hobbit. Very strange, especially since she didn't seem very interested in any of them. (As in, she was shooting looks to other guys.)

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Anonymous said...

I feel like I was there with you. Thanks for the story and visual. Sounds like a fun night. Not me

FCSuper said...

You should see the video someone got! :)