Sunday, August 09, 2015

Shanghai Day (or nights) 3, 4 and 5 after work - Better weather and some great food!

I didn't venture out too much on my 3 night in Shanghai.  My co-workers and I had dinner at a good Vietnamese restaurant in the Super Brand Mall...

...and I got a few more shots of the Financial area afterwards.

Our local co-workers took our band of travellers out for dinner, Shanghai style, on night 4 after work.  The place was called South Beauty at the very top of the Super Brand Mall.  The food was excellent!

On the 5th evening in town, I headed over to The Bund to explore the other side of town.  I found a large shopping district and a huge mall.  I also found great and iconic views of Shanghai's famous skyline.

Yes, that's the elevators for the mall!

I didn't get to explore during the day because, well, I was working.  However, I enjoyed my stay in Shanghai.  Maybe next time I can plan to explore much more!

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