Friday, March 15, 2002


Well, I gots the pictures to my insurance appeal scanned in and printed out. Now, I just have to write the letter itself with details. Sucks that I hafta do this cuz it was a malfunction in the damn truck that caused me to lose control and almost kill me. But damn, does my insurance have my back? Nope. When I asked them why they weren't helping me on this, they said, "We are, we are covering the damages incurred." That's only half. They where very reluncted to pursue the case and help me out. I didn't want to sue the rental company that I got the truck from, but had I needed to, my insurance did a good job of screwing thangs up to hamper any efforts. Lame.

I'm working this weekend, but I intend to take time out to write the letter of appeal out as best I can. arg All this happened just when my life was starting to simplify a bit.

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