Friday, March 08, 2002

You wan bayquon

On one chilly winter evening at the Burger King counter in the old terminal of the San Jose International Airport:
((code: blue = me, red = Mariam, brown = Ronie, and green = bayquon lady))

"What do you guys want?" I ask
"Let me get the number 6," Miriam announces.
I look back behind us and ask, "What do you want, Ronie?"
"Oh, I feel like the large meal with the chicken sandwich," she says.
"That's the number 6, the same as I'm ordering"
"Huh, ok."
"May I hap you oder plez?" sounded the elderly filipino woman behind the cash register.
"Yeah, let me get one medium number 6, and one larger number 6, please. And I'll have a number one with bacon."
"Oh! I want bacon!" Miriam suddenly announces.
"Oh, you wan bayquon?" the lady asks.
"Yeah, ok. A regular number 6 with bacon, a large number 6 no bacon, and my number 1 with bacon."
Ronie makes clear, "I don't want the big one,"
"Big one?" Miriam asks
"No, I want the large" Ronie announces
"You wan bayquon?"
"No, the large, not the big one." Ronie replies over me as I was saying "Yes, we want the medium number 6 with bacon and the number 1 with bacon."
Miriam chimes in, "She doesn't want the big one."
"You wan bayquon?"
"Yes, on one number 6 and the number 1" I reply while Ronie starts to get frustrated saying, "I don't want the big one, just the large"
"Ronie, we are asking for bacon"
"Oh, ok, but I don't want the big one."
"You wan number 6 wit bayquon, an' large number 6 wit no bayquon and number 1 wit bayquon?"
"No big ones, just the large!"
"Ronie, we are getting the large, hold on."
"Oh ok"
Then it hits Miriam...Bayquon is Bacon.
"Ohhh, I thought she was saying `big one'"
Then it dawns on me that Miriam and Ronie thought Bayquon was `Big One'.
It never registered in the cashier's mind what any of this meant. But I over heard her asking the next person in line if they too wanted bayquon. LOL

It's a bit of a running gag now. We are frequently making passing comical references to bayquon to annoy and confuse co-workers and friends.

Do you want bayquon?

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