Sunday, March 10, 2002

More Test Driving and results

Well, assuming all goes halfway well with financing, I'm getting my Acura TL 3.2 Type S this Monday. I compared it to the Lexus IS300 and Cadillac CTS.
What so special about Lexus? fact, I'm kinda turned off to them now, at least in the "Upscale" price range. Maybe the luxury models ofter something tolerable.
What's wrong with the Cadillac? Nothing actually. Just not as good of a value for my money. Options which I was going to have to pay for in the Cadillac come standard on the Acura. Also, the interior of the Acura is a classier. The Caddy interior is good, but the Acura is better. Also, the CTS is a new model, which is likely therefore more problem prone.
Overall, I felt that the Acura was the best bang for my buck. Strong engine, good track record, great interior; these all overcome my slight objection to the exterior's dated and common looks.

So, there you have it. Honk if you see me on the road! :)

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