Friday, May 02, 2003

Ok...after like 2 weeks, Blogspot finally gets my ftp arg...

I haven't been have to publish a blog entry since the 16th of April. A lot has been going on in this time. Been out almost every night, and sometimes squeezing in several points of fun into one evening. Last friday, I saw a movie with Miriam which ended around 6:30, got down for a tgif thang at Acapulco's for a couple hours with some co-workers, then headed up to visit Ronie in San Mateo. It's good to be buzy like this cause it's not a type of buzy where you are buzy just because.

The movie we saw was Anger Management. It was pretty funny, but didn't have a strong story...mostly just skits tied loosely together. Still enjoyable.

I think the next day I'll have some good free time is Sunday, so I'll prolly head down to the Campbell's Farmer's Market to get some stuff I'm in need of. That reminds me that I need to so serious grocery shopping too...time to hit up again. If you sign on for Mypoints, Safeway sends you $10 off codes for online shopping.

I'm getting ready to co-sign for some morgages. ::crossing my fingers:: One is to help out a friend and get the tax benefits. A couple of others are for income property. big moment coming up here.

See...lots of stuff going on...this ain't even the half of it.

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