Monday, August 18, 2003


Friday night was supposed to be a big nite, but ended up not going out. I do wanna check out a couple of new places in San Jose downtown soon, so maybe plan sometime this week. I did a little shopping this weekend too with some girlfriends as my guide (and to make the experience a bit more palatable). Despite my protests, they dragged me into the Gap. They wanted to get me shirts and stuff, but I insisted that I'd only get jeans there. Ended up a Banana Republic and got a couple of nice thangs there. I know, some say it's worse than the Gap (and it's the same company), but it is more stylish. I walked in the Guess too...what the hell are they thinking with all that ugly patchwork clothing? Yuk...doesn't looks interesting, stylish or wearable.
Yesterday, I was aboard the Spitfire practicing in the tactical position for getting our timing down on our race starts. It was a lot of fun!

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