Monday, August 11, 2003

Movies this weekend...

I watched Dirty Pretty Things this weekend, oh, and American Wedding. Dirty Pretty Things is not as much of a thriller that it has been billed as, unless you have a weak stomach. It does have body parts turning up, but under real life type situations. Nothing fanciful, like American thrillers usually do. The movie is very entertaining. It exposes a rather dark underside to life as an illegal immigrant in London. I'm not sure how much of it is poetic license, since I've never been exposed to that topic before. The movie tells its story through character development, and not some flat plot. There are some powerful scenes, and some week scenes too, but over all, it is a great, enjoyable movie.
American Wedding was very funny sep for the very end when the wedding got started...then it got sappy. Watch it for the sight gags, situations and other laughs, but be prepared for a sweet ending when the laughs stop and everyone lives happ...ok, I'll not give away the final joke after the sappy wedding is done, but it is predictable enough for you not to care.

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