Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Dream: Queen Reborn

I woke up from a dream this morning that played out like a movie, with close ups, panning, and other camera placement and movements. There was this happy King and his talented, beloved Queen. The Queen died. At a small, private funeral in a dark wooden room at the end of east wing of the royal mansion, the King was knelt before the casket of his dead wife. The casket was to the left of a large window that was letting in a soft light of the noonish sun. Some attendees were dressed in modern clothes of various styles, while others were dressed in 17th, 18th or 19th century clothing. A few people were standing along the back wall, but most everyone was seated in several rows of folding chairs. Suddenly, a headless body, dressed in a beautiful, large golden lace and white dress appears amongst the attendees. She walked toward the grieving King. Close ups of different people showed their amazement in silent disbelief and horror. When the King looked up to see the headless body, he recognized his Queen. In a quick wispy blur, she rushed through the mansion. When she appeared in the Pool Room, she was restored to her living form, but naked. Her dress was splayed across a large dual throne at the far end. She dove into the pool and swam gracefully under water, but without getting wet. She had long golden blonde curly hair and resembled a cross between Rebecca Stamos and Rachel Hunter. The King ran after her to find her in the pool room just as she got out of the pool along the left side. She started to walk toward the throne, then looked back to notice her King. A close up showed her brief smile. She then told him, “Before, I didn’t understand why I needed to come back. Now I do. You are here for everyone else,” subtly gesturing with her eyes to suggest the entire kingdom, “and I…for you.” As she spoke her last word, she quivered knowingly, determinedly and lovingly, holding back a tear. There was a dramatic pause, and I awoke.

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