Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Trouble with KFC Popcorn Chicken

The trouble with KFC and their Popcorn Chicken is that KFC doesn't do good quality control across their franchise. I've been to many KFC's over the lifespan of the Popcorn Chicken. Some places make it so tasty that you just can't get enough. Some places make it so yukkie that you a left tossing it out before halfway through. Well, today, in fact, right this minute, I'm eating some tasty Popcorn Chicken. Yum. I love Popcorn Chicken when its done right. Now I wish I had ordered a large. mmm


Anonymous said...

I pretend to be kfc at home all the sides with bread too. Then my family knows the fried chicken never sat under a heat lamp. I do know how to make all sorts of fried chicken including using bbq potatoe chips as breading. -Not me

fcsuper said...

My parents use Cream of Wheat for breading. Someone turned them on to it when I was very young, and they haven't made breaded Chicken any other way since. It's pretty good for a change, but I don't make it that way myself hardly ever. Since I don't do much of my own cooking, well...I've prolly only done it that way once.

Mickey Glitter said...

I think I've had KFC only a handful of times in my life. Don't know why that is, as I do enjoy the fast food rather too much for my own good. =)