Monday, January 17, 2005

When I became a Christian

One of the most ridiculous phrases that Christian Fundelmentalists use is "When I became a Christian..." which is usually followed by some overly restated nonsense of something they've supposedly discovered since "becoming a Christian". To start off with, 99% of the people who use that phrase were born Christian. Most of them were prolly had a Christian baptism before they turned 18. In fact, I'd be willing to bet a large portion of them never even once changed from one Christian religion to another. These people use the phrase "When I became a Christian..." to intentionally mislead their audience into thinking they have had a pre-Christian life, so they can seem to have some legitimacy when they try to encourage others to convert to their own particular brand of Christianity. Additionally, as mentioned, "When I became a Christian..." is usually followed by some nonsense. It is nonsense because what they usually state is something universal to all Christian religions. Given the fact that most of these people are born into Christianity, it is unlikely they made any amazing (and by amazing, I mean to say extremely redundant) discoveries about their faith, having been taught the faith from birth. Trust me, when you grow up a Christian, nothing regarding faith is an amazing revelation cuz the faith is learnt at a very early age. In that scenerio, being amazed at some new discovery about one's faith is a bit like being amazed that one can spell a word one uses every day. (Of course, if someone has psychological problems, all bets are off. lol)
That is why for almost all Christian Fundamentalists, using this phrase is an intentional twofold lie.

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