Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Big 2001 Vacation: Part 7: 11/16/01 Day

I went on a beautiful submarine ride [off] the [coast] of Waikiki. [When] I first went snorkeling the other day; I was impressed by the number of fish in the water right [off] the beach. Well, multiply that by 1000 at the artificial reefs at 75' under the Waikiki bay waters.
There were large schools of tons of tropical fish. Three large turtles showed up, and a ray, and a small shark. {The deep water was so blue, as if we were in the largest swimming pool in the world. Many of the natural reefs had been destroyed by a large storm about a decade prior to my visit. Several sunken ships and some old airplane wreckage served as the start of new reefs. The submarine ride cost $99. I feel I more than got my money’s worth.}
{As part of a promotional consideration, after the submarine ride, guests were bussed to a coral driver jewelry maker for a tour of their facilities.}
Time keeps slipping by today. It seems like hours vanished throughout the day…kinda sucks. I was going [to] go snorkeling today, but lost track of time somewhere. Don’t know how.
Anyways, a friend gave me the number of his friend on the islands. We’ve been playing the longest game of phone tag I’ve ever played. Humorous and annoying. She left a message saying she has bron[ch]itis. That sucks. Kills my original plans for the weekend…still going to go out, but not as much fun alone.
Man, I hope the pictures I took from the sub came out…we’ll see. {Who’s this "we" that I keep talking about? lol}Ya’no, I miss Kaua’i. :)
Now, let’s see how tonight shapes [up].

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