Friday, March 25, 2005

National Annoy Matt Week

I'd just like to say a few parting word to National Annoy Matt Week. This week has been filled with little annoyances. Good riddens to this week. Well, the week hasn't been bad. I've spent some quality time with my g/f, a couple of my best friends and m...ok...I'm starting to figure this out. It's not National Annoy Matt Week. It's National Annoy Matt During the Day Week. Honestly, my evenings have been pretty good. It's the daytime hours that are annoying. So, good riddens to the annoying times at day. A fond ado to the rest. Please hurry up and get here, oh weekend!


The Horriblest Blogger said...

i said good riddens to poor speeling a long time ago, cuz speeling is so overdone. :D

FCSuper said...

lol As much as I appreciate the sentiment of your flame, I don't understand the actual statement. First, you declare yourself free of poor spelling, then you dis all spelling (good and bad alike, I suppose). Is making sense a thang of the past too?
BTW, my comment on your message are more a statement addressing your blog’s title than an actually critique of your style. Your title is provocative and is going to catch you more grief than this as more people see it cuz it’s just fun to poke fun at audacity. :-D
(and yes, I understand the Ten-D reference.)